Tips To Take From Blake Lively’s Instagram

She’s known for her role on Gossip Girl, and hit movies, The Age of Adelaide, The Shallows and The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Blake Lively’s Instagram has 24.3 million followers. We’ll take a look at the star’s page and give you some tips for your own Instagram, based on how she engages her followers!

Cute Quirky Captions

Blake Lively’s Instagram showcases her cute quirky side with her funny captions!

She definitely wants to make her followers laugh! Therefore, take this as a tip for your own Instagram. Laughter is infectious so try and make your followers giggle!

Also, her captions go perfectly with her photos. When you read this caption, you will look at the picture and connect the dots. Therefore, her followers spend longer looking at her photos and captions to make the link.

It’s definitely a good trick to try!

Here’s another example of a cute caption! You don’t imagine Christian Louboutin carrying around Hollywood movie stars until Blake Lively’s Instagram shows it.

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Candid Shots

So much of Instagram these days consists of gals posing in unusual and unnatural positions! Blake Lively’s Instagram feels natural. She posts pictures of her laughing, and smiling, and walking around. Clearly, these photos have been taken in the moment, and she’s not necessarily ordering the camera person around to get that perfect shot.

Even this photo taken at the Met, in sequin-studded pieces, feels natural and fun!

Tip: Post natural candid photos. Your page might get as popular as Blake Lively’s Instagram!

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Blake Lively’s Instagram Keeps It Real

Trust us, your followers will love a good casual shot.

Blake Lively’s Instagram has these kinds of photos dotted about here and there.

View this post on Instagram

Thanksgiving: EXPECTATION vs REALITY….

A post shared by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on

For example, this photo shows Blake Lively in a long lush gown, compared to her in the back seat of a car eating fast food. The photo got 2.8 million likes.

People love to see celebrities acting like normal people! It makes them more relatable.

On your own Instagram, try an expectation vs reality photo. It will engage your followers, and for sure, make them laugh!

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Sometimes She Gets Political

Lately, celebrities have been more and more vocal with their political views.

In fact, some of them are super vocal. On the other hand, Blake Lively’s Instagram doesn’t get controversial. She just makes sure that people are aware that they should go and vote!

Of course, she combined this political reminder with a happy birthday message to her handsome hubby!

We have two tips here.

  1. Couple photos! Your followers will love a cutesy photo with your significant other. However, too many can turn people off. So every few weeks, snap a photo with your partner and post it to Instagram.
  2. As you can see by Blake Lively’s Instagram, getting political sometimes can be a good way to interact with your followers. Be careful about starting debates. Instead, try what Blake did and add a friendly reminder to be proactive about politics!

Travel Snaps

Everyone loves a sneak peek into someone else’s holiday!

When Blake Lively went to Disneyland Paris, she posted a creative reflection shot which gave her followers a glimpse into her personal life, and sparked creative interest because it was such a cool shot!

Plus, she looks really happy.

Tip: When you are traveling, don’t take the same photo as everyone else. Do something quirky like you see here on Blake Lively’s Instagram, whether that’s taking a reflection shot or snapping the photo from a unique angle! There are always ways to put a fun twist on your photographs.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Of course, posting a fashion photo in blue jeans and a white t-shirt won’t catch anyone’s eye.

Take a leaf out of Blake Lively’s Instagram (not book) and try posting a cute photo in something a bit different.

View this post on Instagram

Picnic anyone? I’ll bring the tablecloth…

A post shared by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on

Anything seems to look good on Blake! She knows that this outfit is a little out there. Her caption says it all. However, she still manages to look amazing.

One follower says: Why does everything look so perfect on her?

Like Blake, try something a bit different and own the look! You’ll be sure to grab the attention of the online world.

Blake Lively’s Instagram Throwback Photos

Everyone loves a throwback. In fact, we have hashtags dedicated to it, such as #throwbackthursday.

In this photo, Blake makes fun of her acting career, describing it as “pretending to be someone else”. She also shares a super adorable picture of her at a Spice Girls concert.

I mean, look at those shoes!

Tip: Post your own throwback picture (right now!) to engage your followers and give them an insight into your childhood obsessions. For sure, this will spark great conversations!

It’s true that Blake Lively’s Instagram provides a bank of great tips for your own social media page!

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