5 Things We Can All Learn From Beyonce’s Instagram

Beyonce has more than 117 million followers, and posted one of the most explosive photos on Instagram, so clearly there is something we can all learn from Queen Bey.

As if we all didn’t already want to be like Beyonce, Queen Bey can charge up to $700,000 for one promotional post (a promotional post is where you post an ad featuring a product). So now that that’s out there, we all REALLY want to be like Jay-Z’s Honey. Take notes, we’ve got five things that will make you a little more Beyonce-like.

The Queen Follows No One

Yup, it’s true, and we hate to break it to you, but Queen Bey doesn’t follow you. In fact, she doesn’t follow anyone.

Beyonce isn’t the only celeb who follows no one. In fact, Adele, Oprah and Rupi Kaur all keep their following count to zero.

Choosing to not follow anyone is against one of the biggest Instagram best practices. But when you’re queen, you don’t follow the rules, you make them.

Why would these famous celebs decide to not follow anyone? Read on, and soon you might unfollow everyone on Instagram too.

  1. More time- If you follow no one, you have more time. More time to focus on the kids, build relationships with the real people around you, and more time to create awesome music. Especially with stories all over Instagram, it is easy to get lost down the Instagram hole for hours on end. (I mean, really, why do we need to watch 5 hours worth of Instagram story content?) 

  2. Stop comparing yourself to others- Comparing yourself to others is the fastest route to unhappiness. When you don’t follow anyone on Instagram, you don’t have the opportunity to compare yourself to others and the perfect life they portray on Instagram. Queen Bey doesn’t even give herself the opportunity to compare herself to others.
  3. You are the artist of your account- Why did you create an Instagram in the first place? When you don’t follow anyone on Instagram, you can focus on what really matters—creating compelling content. Without the noise of others clogging up your feed, you can focus on snapping the perfect picture, writing the perfect caption or adding the perfect emoji.

What Beyonce’s Instagram Teaches Us About Captions

Beyonce’s Instagram clearly shows us why captions are so important to grow your Instagram following.

Captions have to be compelling, tell a story, make fans laugh, cry or tag their friends. On Queen Bey’s Instagram, the photos with the highest engagement have a caption that evoke emotions in her millions of followers.

This recent photo tells a story of the hard work Beyonce has put into being a mother and an artist.

This photo had the highest engagement out of all of her recent photos because the caption is captivating, relatable, inspirational and it gives users all the feels.

Express Gratitude

Beyonce had an Instagram post that gained the quickest amount of likes in just a few hours (until Selena Gomez surpassed her with one of her birthday posts).

According to Billboard, Beyonce’s post announcing her pregnancy with twins and expressing gratitude for her blessing, earned her a buzzing 11.1 million likes in a couple of hours.The first 7.8 million likes were within the first 12 hours!

Queen Bey is always gracious and humble. Beyonce’s Instagram clearly displays her gratitude by sharing posts that thank her fans.

Expressing gratitude in captions will give back to the community that follows you, which will result in people double tapping to like your photo.

Post Professional Looking Photos

Like most celebrities, it is easy for Bey to post professional photos from her cover shoots and concerts.

But like Queen Bey, you too should post professional looking photos.

For you business, professional photos will be more visually appealing, which will attract a higher engagement rate and more followers.

If you’re a mommy blogger or fashion blogger, professional photos will help make the products you’re promoting look more appealing and legitimate, which means more sales.

You can take professional photos with any recent smartphone and a good set of filters.

There are several themes you can choose for your grid layout but usually it helps to think of your grid as a certain color. Sticking to a theme or general color for your Instagram posts makes your photos more branded which makes your photos more recognizable.

White: @Brooklynnpitts posts photos that are mostly all in a white tone, giving your Instagram feed a refreshing look

Dark: @my_name_is_bobba uses a dark themed template to dramatize the dog in everyday settings

Orange/Vintage: @byhannahrose uses a vintage themed Instagram profile to keeping every photo familiar looking to followers.

Tropical: @kristen.maiocco uses a set of tropical filters to make all of her photos look like a vacation dream.

Be Relatable

She may be a queen, but turns out she’s actually a relatable human. Beyonce’s Instagram shows us that beyond all the beauty, the glam, the power and inspiration, there is actually a real woman.

Beyonce has been spotted in Target, and at her Coachella show, she wore $10 mascara. So we are all pretty much the same as Queen Bey, but there are snippets of her down to earth nature on her Instagram as well.

One of Beyonce’s most famous photos is with her twins.

With more than 10 million likes, this photo was the first pic she posted with her new babies.The caption was relatable and showcases how she’s a mom like anyone else (okay, she might be a little more glammed up than we’ll ever be, but she has babies and uses emojis so it’s basically the same.)

Beyonce recently posed for Vogue and made the bold decision to be completely real during the photoshoot.

She was wearing makeup (but not much), she declined to wear extensions or headpieces.

Beyonce was also captured having a totally real moment with Mally Roncal. I mean, don’t we all have moments where we didn’t know the camera was rolling?

The fan club was gushing over this real, candid moment Beyonce was captured in.

Beyonce also captures the heart of her audience by creating videos that include handwritten quotes. Of course the fan club analyzes all of these, and some say the quotes have different meanings, but either way, it keeps her audience engaged and interacting on her posts.

There is always so much to learn from Queen Bey, but if you are a blogger, aspiring influencer, or business owner, there are also valuable marketing lessons we can learn from Beyonce’s Instagram.

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By Ahmad

Ahmad spearheads marketing for Upleap, helping brands grow their social presence with expert account management for Instagram. In his free time, he enjoys helping local businesses market themselves online.

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