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Bella Hadid’s Instagram boasts over 21 million followers. It’s no surprise why, since she’s one of the biggest models on the planet. Bella walks some of the most famous runways in the world, modeling for the biggest brands from Versace to Victoria’s Secret.

She’s also the younger sister of another hugely famous model, Gigi Hadid. Brother Anwar Hadid has also started his own modeling career. Mom Yolanda Hadid made a name for herself on the Bravo reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

And to top things off, Bella also has a famous boyfriend! She’s on-again and off-again with musician The Weeknd, which gives us a recipe for social media stardom.

We’re rounding up our favorite parts of Bella Hadid’s Instagram, and taking a look at why the star stands out on the social media platform.

From behind-the-scenes content to sweet throwbacks of baby Bella, let’s take a closer look.

Bella Hadid’s Instagram Includes Plenty Behind-The-Scenes Content

Bella Hadid’s Instagram is a great way to see what the life of an international supermodel looks like. Some of the best posts? The ones that show you what things look like behind the camera.

She’s been known to show fans photos that won’t make the final cut. Like these cool outtakes from a shoot with Dior.

Along with her sister Gigi Hadid, and their buddy Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid often models in the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Though she’s not one of the official angels, Bella dons those wings in style and walks the runway in the famous line’s lingerie.

This year fans were excited to see a glimpse of Bella’s fittings ahead of the fashion show. It’s not always something fans of the fashion show get to see, so these cool shots were interesting peek behind the scenes.

What does it take to get the perfect shot?

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Bella Hadid’s Instagram sometimes includes videos from photoshoots, showing fans exactly what went down in order to get her pretty pictures.

Magazine covers are a huge deal for models, but when you’re Bella Hadid they’re almost a daily occurrence. Recently Bella gave fans a glimpse of what it takes to create those iconic shots.

She showed herself posing in a glass case in order to get the shot for Pop Magazine. See, it’s not always glitz and glamour!

Thanks to Bella, we get a sneak peek at what life is like for a super famous model. Where else do you get this access? For that alone, she is definitely worth a follow.

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Bella Hadid’s Instagram Includes Adorable Throwbacks

Who doesn’t love a good throwback photo? If it’s of one of your favorite celebrities, even better. It’s always fun to see what people looked like back in the day.

First up? A baby blonde Bella!

Bella shared this adorable throwback alongside her father, Mohamed Hadid, in honor of his birthday.

Same pretty pout! Sometimes Bella Hadid’s Instagram has cute throwbacks for no reason, like this shot of her smaller self.

It’s fun for fans to see a younger Bella, and a bit of a shock for those who now know her to have dark hair.

Another perk of Bella Hadid’s Instagram containing throwback photos? Sometimes they also include her famous family!

Take this super sweet photo she posted on Mother’s Day. This old snap shows a young Bella sitting on a horse beside her mom Yolanda Hadid and her siblings, Gigi Hadid and Anwar Hadid.

Or these snaps that Bella posted in honor of her sister Gigi Hadid’s birthday.

View this post on Instagram

23 years ago the world was blessed with a little angel. Best friends since the moment you held me in the delivery room! You’ve been waiting for this day for your whole life…23!!!! Golden ! Just like u! At least once a day, I think and wonder how I got so lucky to have you as a sister. To have someone to teach me as I grow, to love me as I am, and to be together for every step of the way. I look at photos and watch videos of us growing up, and it just makes me smile/ 😭 because I know that I’d never be able to do this life without you. Nothing would be the same !!!! You are my comfort blanket, my idol, my confidant, my built in best friend, and, of course, the best gift @yolanda.hadid and @mohamedhadid have ever given me… You too cheeto @anwarhadid ❤️ I am so proud of the woman you are, the ideas you have, the strength you have built, and the love you radiate. Thank you for being YOU!!! When you are truly you, no one can stop you!!!!! I love you more than you’ll ever know ! There is no one I would rather spend this life with. My Forever muse and bfff(and ever and ever and ever) My sissy pantelones, The ONE!!!! I love you. @gigihadid

A post shared by 🦋 (@bellahadid) on

The slideshow was filled with darling vintage pics of the two sisters.

Sometimes the old snaps almost work as memes. Like this one she shared during fashion month.

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@gigihadid and I all fashion month

A post shared by 🦋 (@bellahadid) on

The silly expressions worked perfectly with her funny caption, giving followers both a laugh and an adorable throwback.

We can never get enough of old Bella pics!

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Bella Hadid’s Instagram Gives Us A Peek At Her Relationship

Celebrity relationships are typically kept private. Bella Hadid and The Weeknd (whose real name is Abel Tesfaye) have been on and off over the last few years, and usually don’t open up about their relationship.

Bella’s Hadid’s Instagram is one place where you occasionally see glimpses of the celebrity couple.

She recently shared a series of photos of their super clever Halloween costume together.

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the ghost with the most 🎞 @joachimjohnson

A post shared by 🦋 (@bellahadid) on

We love when Bella lets us see the love between herself and Abel. Another adorable example? This snap, which she captioned “Home.”

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A post shared by 🦋 (@bellahadid) on

How sweet is this photo of the duo hugging?

Bella Hadid’s Instagram sometimes even fills us in on sweet details in her life. Like the fact that Abel and her family threw her a surprise party for her birthday.

These photos are full of love and we’re so happy she shared them with us all.

Bella Hadid’s Instagram Is Filled With Selfies

Let’s face it, supermodels’ selfies are always flawless. Who doesn’t love staring at pretty faces.

Bella Hadid’s Instagram is filled with stunning photos of her famous face. There’s a reason she gets paid the big bucks to sell products. Want proof? Check out this one:

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A post shared by 🦋 (@bellahadid) on

Bella’s face sans makeup is just as beautiful. The star posted this beautiful bare-faced photo on Instagram while wearing her hair in a wrap

Imagine looking that lovely straight out of the shower? Bella often shares these kinds of selfies, like this mirror selfie.

Her selfies stand apart from regular selfies, not only because of her pretty face. She also manages to style them fashionably.

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Chilling 🙂

A post shared by 🦋 (@bellahadid) on

This one is a great example, from the camera angles to her super cool outfit.

Another way Bella blesses our Instagram feeds with her beautiful face? Through selfie videos!

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A post shared by 🦋 (@bellahadid) on

In this one she films herself in the mirror while her boyfriend’s music is playing. Too cute!

What’s The Bottom Line?

Bella Hadid’s Instagram includes all sorts of posts, and one glance makes it obvious why her follower count continues to rise. The beauty shares just enough glimpses into her world to make following her worth it.

And it doesn’t hurt that she’s easy on the eyes!

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