8 Beauty Bloggers to Follow in 2019

Beauty bloggers are everywhere on Instagram. If you don’t know what that means, a beauty blogger is someone who shares beauty tips, usually about makeup or hair and sometimes about fashion. Self-taught makeup artists usually turn to Instagram or YouTube to share their skills and promote makeup.

Just go on the explore page of Instagram and it’s pretty likely that you’ll come across a creative makeup tutorial video. These bloggers not only share beautiful makeup looks, but they also promote products through their posts.

In this article, we are diving into 8 beauty bloggers to follow in 2019. Many of these Instagram beauty bloggers are up-and-coming makeup artists. However, some have already made a name for themselves but should still be recognized for their talents!

Freshen up your Instagram feed by following these 8 top beauty influencers on Instagram!

(Btw, the following accounts are listed in no particular order!)

1. @cakeandcashmere (CEO of @beautybakeriemakeup)

@cakeandcashmere instagram

First, we have influencer Cashmere Nicole. In 2011, Cashmere Nicole started a makeup company called Beauty Bakerie. The brand is known for it’s adorable packaging made to look like baked goods.

For example, the brand sells setting powder called “flour.” How cute is that? Some eyeshadow palettes take inspiration from cotton candy, chocolate bars, and graham crackers.

Cashmere Nicole has accomplished a lot in 2018. As she describes “a dream come true,” her brand became a part of Ulta beauty stores and is currently being sold in 350 locations.

On her Instagram profile, @cakeandcashmere, she frequently posts updates from Beauty Bakerie. She also promotes many fashion brands by posting pictures of her outfits.

@cakeandcashmere is a beauty blogger you should for sure check out. On top of all her accomplishments with Beauty Bakerie, she is also a breast cancer survivor. She sprinkles her brand with words of motivation and inspiration to women everywhere with her motto “be better, not bitter.”

2. @mmmmitchell

@mmmmitchell Instagram

Known as just Mmmmitchell, this beauty influencer skyrocketed to success in 2018 when makeup mogul Jeffree Star noticed him. The two made a video on Jeffree’s channel that can be seen here.  As a result, the video gathered 4.5 million views and counting, which gave the new makeup artist tons of exposure.

Since then, Mmmmitchell’s follower count on Instagram has risen up to almost 840k followers as of December 2018. The makeup artist’s success even caught the eye of makeup retailer Beauty Bay. Because of that, Mmmmitchell was given the opportunity to create his own eyeshadow palette called “Sub Zero.”

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Check out this up-and-coming beauty blogger’s Instagram where he frequently posts his makeup looks on clients. He is known for creating bright, vibrant eye looks and has given a breath of fresh air to the beauty community.

3. @thesundaygirluk

@thesundaygirluk Instagram

The next beauty blogger on this list is @thesundaygirluk. @thesundaygirluk is a UK-based beauty blogger who posts beautiful layouts of new makeup with detailed reviews of the products in the caption.

This is the perfect account to follow if you’re someone who is always looking for new beauty products.

With just a quick scroll through the influencer’s Instagram, any makeup addict will love the organized look of this page.

@thesundaygirluk has accumulated over 29k followers from her 700 posts. She is likely to grow fast in 2019. She often shares sponsored posts, but with detailed and honest captions about each product.

If her Instagram page alone is not enough, she also runs a blog titled “The Sunday Girl” where you can find lengthier reviews on beauty products.

4. @laviedunprince

@laviedunprince Instagram

Jose, known on Instagram as @laviedunprince is a male makeup artist who is slaying the game with his extremely creative makeup looks. He is one of the top beauty bloggers this year as he has been recognized by several famous beauty influencers and makeup brands.

In fact, one of his looks caught the attention of YouTuber and makeup influencer James Charles. James recreated Jose’s look in his YouTube video titled “Recreating my Followers Makeup Looks.”

When you scroll through @laviedunprince’s Instagram, you will find looks you’ve never seen anywhere else. Many of his signature looks bright eyeshadow colors, cut creases, and blinding highlighter.

If you love to see out-of-this-world eye art, check out @laviedunprince ‘s page!

5. @kakemeup

@kakemeup Instagram

The next beauty blogger we thing you should follow on Instagram is @kakemeup. Follow @kakemeup to discover some of the most creative makeup looks on Instagram. Some of her most popular looks takes extreme detail, like the one pictured above.

Kate is a 22 year old beauty influencer from Ireland. Through her work, she shows that makeup really is a form of art.

Although many of her makeup looks are not ones that the average person would wear everyday, she sometimes posts looks that would be considered more wearable. Also, she always lists every product she uses which can help her followers find the products.

@kakemeup has gained almost 40k followers and is expected to be even more successful in 2019. Popular makeup brands such as Morphe Brushes and Anastasia Beverly Hills have followed her on Instagram. Check out her page to see some amazing makeup looks!

6. @colecarrigan

@colecarrigan Instagram

Next we have Cole Carrigan, a self taught makeup artist originally from Dallas, Texas. Since starting his Instagram account in May 2017, he has accumulated 170k followers. Before making his popular Instagram account, he also started a makeup YouTube Channel with about 20k subscribers.

Like many other beauty influencers on this list, he creates vibrant FX and professional-looking makeup. You’re likely to see him using Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Lily Lashes; all brands of which he promotes.

In October 2018, he collaborated with Jeffree Star in a video where Cole cut up a Louis Vuitton bag to create Jeffree’s Halloween look.

Ever since his collaboration with Jeffree Star, Cole Carrigan’s talent has been exposed to the beauty community. His creativity should be seen by anyone who appreciates art!

7. @celine_bernaerts

@celine_bernaerts Instagram

Check out @celine_bernaerts on Instagram if you want to see something unique and unexpected. The makeup looks on this influencer’s Instagram is unlike the other beauty bloggers on this list.

One look at this page and you’ll see shaved eyebrows, extravagant false lashes, and various pops of color. These looks are more of something you’d see on a high-fashion runway.

Furthermore, as an ambassador of YSL Beauty, this beauty blogger is constantly recommending makeup from the high-end makeup-line

In fact, her unique artistry has helped her accumulate over 132k followers on Instagram as of December 2018.

When makeup looks start to feel repetitive, check out Celine Bernaerts. She posts high-fashion photos and even videos displaying her current makeup look.

8. @zackaryvang

@zackaryvang Instagram

Our last top beauty influencer you should follow in 2019 is @zacharyvang. Zackary Vang creates stunning makeup looks while also recommending his favorite products to use.

At this time, over 70k people follow him to learn how to improve their makeup skills and figure out what products to buy next.

This beauty blogger is a brand ambassador for Lily Lashes and promotes a wide variety of other makeup brands. In each post, he list which products he used so his followers can buy them if they want to.

Furthermore, Zackary Vang furthered his beauty blogging skills in July 2018 when he started his own YouTube Channel. On his channel, he creates tutorials including “Dramatic Eyebrow Tutorial.”

His makeup draws inspiration from James Charles, Patrick Starr and Jeffree Star. His looks tend to incorporate bold, thick eyebrows and colorful eyeshadows looks. If that’s what you’re into, definitely check out this up-and-coming beauty blogger!

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Well, there you have it. 8 top beauty bloggers we think will see even more success in the upcoming new year. Instagram is the perfect place for self taught makeup artists and influencers to show their talents. With the convenience of Instagram, all a beauty blogger needs these day is a few makeup brushes, a camera, and a passion for art!

Who on this list is your favorite? Let us know which of these beauty bloggers you are about to go follow right now!

By Kim

My name is Kim Hanna. I am a college student at Monmouth University. Writing has always been a passion of mine. I like writing about current trends that have to do with social media and fashion.

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