Have you ever been scammed by a growth service and put your account in danger?

It’s unfortunate, but there are many services that scam their customers to the point where their private information or Instagram account is put at risk.

One of these was Automatic Viral.

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Back to Automatic Viral.

It wasn’t long before this service got shut down. 

The number of dissatisfied customers grew at a tremendous rate, when finally, this service reached its breaking point. No surprise there!

There are quite a few lessons you can learn from this, so stay tuned!

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Automatic Viral ShutDown – Main Reasons

For one service to collapse, one reason is not enough. With Automatic Viral, it was a different story. Reasons kept piling up, and soon enough, Automatic Viral shut down.

If you’re wondering why, here are some of the main reasons.

Shut down
Forwarded fake followers
Promoted inorganic growth
Terrible reviews on Trustpilot

What Is Automatic VIral?

Let’s first take a couple of minutes and focus on some ground information regarding Automatic Viral and the goal of this service.

For those who have not had any experience with this service before, Automatic Viral is an Instagram growth tool. Interested customers could buy:

  • Instagram likes
  • Instagram followers

Here’s what Automatic Viral looked like a while ago:

 A screenshot showing the automatic viral homepage

Why are we mentioning this in the past tense?

Because Automatic Viral shut down recently. However, there is a catch. When you try to enter the official website, you’ll see this.

A screenshot showing the current login option

From what you see here, it says that Automatic Viral accepts only old customers who already have an account on this platform.

Let’s explain why you shouldn’t try to log in.

The very fact that the service has shut down means that it has violated certain regulations and harmed its past customers. With that in mind, shouldn’t it be completely removed from the Internet?

Seems not.

Automatic Viral allows past customers to still buy their services. If you’re that past customer, you probably have a chance to see something we don’t. You should not rely on this because you can very easily put your account in danger. 

The unavailability of a particular service is the first red flag. 

What can happen if you access a particular service that is similar to Automatic Viral? 

Well, you can put your account in danger of shutting down, or you can give someone your private information who will later misuse them, and maybe even steal money from you.

In short, it’s easy to get scammed.

Automatic Viral Services – More Harm Than Good

Let’s say a few key things about Automatic Viral services and what effect they had on past customers.

Overall, Automatic Viral turned out to be disappointing.

Why? Simply put, they violated everything that Instagram stands for.

The first red flag that might have caught your attention was this “automatic” part. Basically, Automatic Viral forwards its services almost instantly to your account.

Since we do not have a specific example of services due to the current situation, we will try to give a realistic example.

Imagine that you have decided to buy a package of 1,000 followers, and the minute you buy it, your phone starts blowing up. Your Instagram notifications are full of new followers and the look of your profile has changed completely.

Your Instagram account should change, but gradually. 1,000 instant followers can force Instagram to pick up this activity and remove all of the followers from your account.

This unnatural growth led to past customers being banned from Instagram. This poses a great risk to someone whose business depends on this social media platform.

One wrong decision can cost you something you’ve been working on for a long time.

Another very common concern is the quality you get for the money you pay.

The services that Automatic Viral forwarded might not cost that much, but the quality you got was not the one you initially expected.

Most of the followers and likes that this service forwarded were of very poor quality. This poor quality can also harm your account in a number of ways.

First, it reduces your chances of reaching a wider audience. People who buy followers do it for the sole reason to gather more people that will interact with their future activity on Instagram.

Basically, you need people that will stay on your profile.

Automatic Viral forwarded extremely poor-quality followers. These were accounts that did not have profile pictures, posts, and very few followers.

This is the opposite of what you wanted – people who regularly use their Instagram account.

At first glance, these followers may have given you some hope, but as the days went by, they disappeared and your account returned to its original state.

Even if you wanted to complain to someone about this sudden drop in followers, you wouldn’t achieve much. Customers were usually put on hold, or they never got a reply.

All in all, the problem was not solved, and you wasted your money.

Now that you have faced the truth, we think it’s time to search for Automatic Viral alternatives. Don’t you agree?

Negative Reviews From Past Customers

The last aspect we wanted to mention is the actual experience that customers had with this service.

From what you had the chance to read so far, you can sense that this is not going in the right direction.

Here’s a tip.

When looking for experiences, try not to rely too much on homepage reviews, as they can easily be fake. Instead, you should try to visit some reliable sites that post comments from past customers.

One of them is Trustpilot, and when we went to check out what people had to say about Automatic Viral, we came across only 2 reviews.

Both of them are negative, but the point is clear – Automatic Viral is damaging your account.

This user claims that Automatic Viral forwards fake accounts.

A screenshot showing one negative review on Trustpilot.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing more to say about Automatic Viral, and it seems like the point is pretty clear. But just to be 100% sure, let’s go over it one more time:

Is Automatic Viral still a scam?

Yes, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Automatic Viral has checked out all the boxes for a scam. It forwarded poor-quality likes and followers, promoted inorganic growth, and violated Instagram’s regulations.

This is all you need to know. We hope that you have managed to pick up a few useful tips that will help you in your further search.

For now, stay away from Automatic Viral and all services that resemble this one!

By Dejan

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