Before we started writing this review, we were sure that Audience Gain was up and running as usual.

It seems that some circumstances have changed and that this website along with all the services they once provided is gone for one reason or another.

This drew our attention to what happened and what’s behind this sudden shutdown.

We firmly believe that customers have a full right to know what’s going to happen or what’s happening (or what happened) to the service they once used.

Here at Upleap, we value our customers’ opinions, wants, and needs so we put all our efforts into communicating with the people that use the services we offer. Genuine and real followers along with safety and transparency are the most valuable things a company can maintain, and that’s exactly what we’re doing every day.

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Taking into consideration that we didn’t know what was happening before starting this Audience Gain review, we had to dig a bit to find out what really happened in order to get all the information to you then.

We were surprised at some stuff we found along the way, so we had to make sure we have everything ready for this review.

Now, without further stalling and prolonging, let’s jump right in and see what’s behind the shut down of a once well-known company!

What Was Audience Gain?

First thing first, let’s see what Audience Gain used to be before shutting down, so you have a better picture before you so when we start talking about certain things, you know what’s going on.

Audience Gain was one of the many websites that offered services related to Instagram growth in the form of selling followers, likes, views, etc…

This doesn’t seem like something original, right?

Well, regardless of the niche already being big as it is, Audience Gain was one of the most well-known websites for boosting your Instagram profile by buying packages of what they offered.

Like with almost every other company in this profession, the most popular option was regarding Instagram followers since that’s what most people go for when it comes to boosting.

There were some other services available and for other social media platforms as well, so you had an array of things to choose from if you wanted to.

A screenshot depicting three plans to choose from on the former Audience Gain website.

All of these seemed fine, but that’s not worth mentioning now since all of these services are no longer available.

Where Is Audience Gain Now?

If someone wanted to access Audience Gain’s website now, that isn’t possible. We even tried getting a hold of a few snapshots over at the Wayback Machine website, but that didn’t work either.

Nowadays if you enter into your web browser, you’ll be redirected to another website that offers similar services – Stormlikes.

A screenshot showing the main page of Stormlikes website that users get redirected to if they enter into their web browser.

This can mean multiple things. One possible answer to why this is happening is that Stormlikes bought the domain that once belonged to Audience Gain and made it so it redirects to their website any time someone wants to access the old website.

A marketing trick like that might be a double-edged sword since people can say that Stormlikes is just the same as Audience Gain and that it will get shut down inevitably, so they won’t even use their services.

The other edge is that they can pick up Audience Gain’s customers and bring them onto their website.

The second thing that might have happened is that Stormlikes is owned by the same people that used to own Audience Gain so they decided to focus on one website, shut down Audience Gain, and started redirecting traffic to their main website.

The third scenario that might have happened to Audience Gain and why it’s just a redirect to Stormlikes now is that Stormlike got them to shut down over some kind of rivalry between these two companies.

We can’t say what’s the most possible outcome and why Audience Gain now redirects to Stormlikes, but we can tell you one thing for sure – be careful when using Stormlikes from now on.

There isn’t much to indicate that you’ll get scammed, but when a website is associated with a company that got shut down, it usually doesn’t mean anything good.

Why Is Audience Gain Shut Down?

There are a few reasons why a website like Audience Gain got Shut Down. None of them are good, but you need to know about everything that might have happened to this website in order to know what to avoid.

Probably the most likely scenario to take place is that of Instagram suing Audience Gain along with a lot of other companies in the same niche as Audience Gain.

These things happened before, and they’ll probably happen long after this review is published since Instagram doesn’t like companies selling services related to non-organic Instagram account growth.

If this is the case, Audience Gain will never come back online since they either got shut down as a direct court order, or they shut down voluntarily after receiving a lawsuit.

The second scenario is the one that we mentioned earlier when we talked about this website redirecting to Stormlikes’ website.

It’s possible that they got rebranded into Stormlikes or got merged with that company, and now they use the old URL to promote Stormlikes and direct the old Audience Gain’s customers towards Stormlikes.

All of these scenarios are possible, but the one main thing is important here – no website is shut down without a reason. Every time a website gets shut down, especially when it’s related to social media, it’s for a good reason.

They either openly went against Instagram’s policies, or they left too many customers unsatisfied that they had to shut down and rebrand.

One more thing that is quite alarming when it comes to rebranding is that a website called Scamadviser shows that Stormlikes is not to be trusted either.

Take a look at this:

A screenshot showing an overall score for Stormlikes on the official Scamadviser website.

This is a serious sign that doesn’t point in a good direction.

Audience Gain Review – Summation

There are a few websites that can cause this much disappointment as Audience Gain has caused for us after learning all of this.

We’ve taken everything we found and put it in a table so you can get a better overview. Let’s take a look at it:

Used to be affordable
Doesn’t exist anymore
Redirects to Stormlikes
No explanation of what happened
Bad Scamadviser score

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information pointing you towards a good outcome. When a website has all of these things happen in a short period of time, it can’t be for a good reason.

Rebranding and shutting down is never a good outcome and is often used for covering up holes in their business.

All-in-all, there are so many better options than former Audience Gain or even Stormlikes out there, so we wouldn’t be frustrated over all of this happening.

Do a bit of research, take a look at our services or the services we listed at the beginning of this article.

By Dejan

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