The most crucial aspect to consider when purchasing followers is credibility.

Are you confident in the Instagram service’s ability to deliver? Will your Instagram account be suspended as a result of their actions?

You have to pose many more questions in order to save your account and money from being misused. 

In today’s review, we’ll answer these questions regarding a growth service called AppSally. This company has one of the widest offers we’ve ever seen. They sell anything from 22 social media networks’ followers to company listings, Google clicks, and so much more.

This perhaps sounds great, but it’s actually not. Many companies that sell features for multiple networks (let alone 22) have subpar service. Is this true of AppSally too?

Time to find out. 

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Let’s get back to our topic at hand. If you’re curious to learn all about AppSally and whether you should try it, keep reading this AppSally review!

AppSally – Brief overview

This table neatly summarizes everything we’ll discuss further down.

AppSally is a scam.
Removed from Trustpilot for selling fake reviews.
Doesn’t offer refunds.
Sells fake followers.
Doesn’t deliver on time.

What is AppSally?

According to their website, they offer a wide range of services – 365 of them, to be precise. 

AppSally allows you to purchase followers, likes, and other stuff for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. The offer also includes several lesser-known platforms, including a handful that are only utilized in Russia.

Overall, it’s puzzling, but we must give credit where credit is due: it’s also quite original.

AppSally’s selling pitch is that the followers they sell are 100 percent genuine. They ensure that no bots will be used and that all engagements will originate from actual people.

Quite honestly, aesthetics is not AppSally’s strongest feature. Take a peek at their site and see for yourself:

An image depicting AppSally’s homepage

Although we believe looks are important since this is an online-based business and you have to judge by how it looks, it’s not the biggest problem. 

Luckily, we can also judge by the reviews previous customers left on sites like Trustpilot and similar. 

Customer reviews 

When we looked at AppSally’s Trustpilot page, we were taken aback.

A screenshot of AppSally’s Trustpilot page

Due to a breach of Trustpilot’s fake review policy, all of AppSally’s reviews were removed from the site.

What kind of breach are we talking about? Well, it’s a big one. 

Try typing the words “AppSally review Trustpilot” into the Google search engine – here’s what you’ll see:

A screenshot of AppSally’s Trustpilot service

AppSally is obviously trying to make money off of Trustpilot reviews. Trustpilot does not allow fake reviews, which is one of the reasons we appreciate them so much.

The mere fact that AppSally does this made us lose a lot of respect for them. 

But, this is not the only misdeed by AppSally. 

There are reviews by previous customers on Quora that we managed to dig up. Here’s what one user says:

An image of Appsally review on Quora

This customer tried to purchase LinkedIn connections. They paid in advance and were extremely dissatisfied when the service was not delivered.

We found AppSally reviews on many sites, which is not usually the case with these services. More often than not, we have to struggle to find honest off-site reviews. Besides Quora and Trustpilot, we looked on Scamadviser:

A screenshot of AppSally customer review on ScamAdviser

Of course, we also discovered AppSally reviews on their site, but they are all excellent 5-star comments. Generally, it’s difficult to trust these onsite reviews, but imagine how it is now, when we know that AppSally actually sells customer reviews. 

Is AppSally Legit? 

Let’s summarize what we have learned about AppSally so far. Well, firstly, they don’t keep their commitments, and they create weak excuses for the delays in their delivery.

Secondly, you are not able to receive a refund, and if you make a claim with PayPal, they will generate proof that the order was delivered.

Lastly, Trustpilot does not trust them, and for a good reason – AppSally sells fake Trustpilot reviews. 

The answer to the question about AppSally’s legitimacy is pretty obvious by now, but let us delve a bit further for the sake of a comprehensive review.

Based only on their website, it’s impossible to tell how AppSally improves your account. You must first give them your Instagram username before you can learn more about the entire process.

It is a tad suspicious that a company won’t disclose their MO on their homepage or in the “How it works” section. 

As you can probably imagine, we were skeptical about providing AppSally with an Instagram account. Due to this, we can’t really tell you how it works.

The website is not the only confusing and mysterious part about AppSally. Their Terms of Service are no picnic either. 

You can complain if your followers drop within 15 days of purchase, but no returns are guaranteed. You’re out of luck if it’s been more than 15 days.

Apart from this, another common complaint was the price at which AppSally sells all these features. 

Customers have regularly expressed their displeasure with the exorbitant pricing of each AppSally service. They demand excessive prices for simple, low-quality features, according to complaints.

On top of that, unless you give them your Instagram account, you won’t know the exact price.

Ultimately, subscribing to AppSally’s services is a waste of time and money given the high fees and slim chances of getting a refund. 

AppSally’s secure website looks to be the only thing that is entirely legit about it. The payment methods are also legitimate. But, if you’re simply throwing money out of the window, can it be called a safe and legitimate service?

The answer is NO.

Is AppSally a scam?

We can all agree that AppSally is not a legitimate business. Does that necessarily mean it’s a scam? Well, sort of. 

Since we know for sure we can’t trust them to deliver real followers and to keep Instagram accounts protected, it’s safe to call it as it is – a scam. There’s no need to sugarcoat it.

AppSally review summary

Here’s a final list of all upsides and downsides of AppSally. Hopefully, it leaves you completely informed about this Instagram growth service.

Removed from Trustpilot.
Sells fake Trustpilot reviews.
Doesn’t issue refunds.
Horrible customer support.
Prices are not available.
It’s a scam.


It should be clear by now that AppSally is not a reliable service. It’s easy to fall victim to a scam like AppSally, especially if you’re new to the field, so we don’t blame you if you didn’t see through it right away.

This is precisely why we can’t stress enough how important it is always to do your homework before entrusting your Instagram account to a third-party service. 

Better safe than sorry, right?

By Dejan

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