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Ana de Armas’ Instagram already gained over a million followers! But we’re willing to bet this rising star’s online presence will keep growing. The beautiful Cuban actress continues to gain worldwide popularity. She was previously mainly known in the Spanish-speaking entertainment world.

So how do you know this up-and-coming actress? Ana first made a name for herself all over the world in 2017 when she landed her breakout role in “Blade Runner 2049.” The beauty played an AI hologram named Joi and captivated audiences in the process.

After that, Ana’s star continued to rise. Most recently she made headlines for her work in the popular film “Knives Out.” It even earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical.

If you’re not already following Ana de Armas, what are you waiting for? We’re breaking down our favorite types of posts from the beauty.

Let’s take a look:

Ana de Armas’ Instagram Includes Plenty Of Selfies

Let’s face it. Many people are flocking to Ana de Armas’ Instagram to see her beautiful face! The actress shares plenty of selfies on her feed. And we don’t think any of her 1.7 million followers are complaining.

Take this photo, for instance. Ana holds the camera high and snaps a photo of herself in a cute red and white polka dot dress.

The caption? She kept it simple. The actress wrote, “Hey. 💋” alongside the pretty picture.

And that’s not the first time you’ll see an emoji caption. Next up? Another selfie from Ana with an equally brief, emoji-containing caption.

This time the star shared this snap:

And alongside she added two simple emojis, “🔥🍦”.

Other times, Ana de Armas’ Instagram includes selfies with no captions.

She shared this one in a red dress.

And when it came time to adding text, the actress opted to go without.

But sometimes, the beauty is a little wordier. Take this selfie, for instance.

This one took place during promotion for her film “Knives Out.” Ana captioned this one, “Again thank you to the best team ever! Love you all! ♥️ #knivesout #cinemacon“.

Fortunately for her fans, Ana de Armas’ Instagram includes all kinds of selfies. So if you’re looking to see more of her pretty face, hit that blue follow button.

Ana de Armas’ Instagram Includes Artsy Black And White Photos

It’s not all selfies on Ana de Armas’ Instagram. (Though don’t worry Ana stans, there’s another one in this category!) She also includes plenty of artsy black and white photos.

Take this one, for instance.

The star shared this powerful black and white snap from Thailand of a woman in the street.

Another black and white photo she shared on social media? This one from the “Knives Out” set:

She captioned it, “#repost from @riancjohnson . “Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re off”. 🔪🔪🔪”.

Another one from the “Knives Out” set? This photo of her alongside one of her co-stars. To keep with the edgier theme, the photograph is in black and white.

“Rock & Roll ⭐️ #BenoitBlanc #Marta @knivesout” she wrote alongside this beautiful picture.

And, as promised, Ana de Armas’ Instagram also includes a moody black and white selfie. But this time, it’s a mirror photo.

Check out this one:

The caption? Like many of her other selfies, she kept things very simple. She wrote alongside the mirror pic, “✨hi there✨”.

As you can see, Ana de Armas likes a dramatic black and white photo. No matter the subject, sometimes just changing up the color makes things moodier and cooler on her feed.

We love the way this Golden Globe nominated actress incorporates this simple change into her feed.

You’ll See Plenty Of Famous Faces

Thanks to Ana de Armas’ star power rising, many of her photos include fellow famous faces.

Take this photo of her with the cast of her super popular flick “Knives Out” for instance.

And alongside this star-packed photo, Ana added a lengthy caption.

She wrote, “I’m the luckiest girl in the world. So honored to be a part of this insanely talented fun cast. I love and admire them all so much, I am so thankful to my friend and director @riancjohnson for trusting me with ‘Marta’. She’s a true gift! ♥️”

Back when she was promoting “Blade Runner 2049” she shared this pic.

She wrote alongside the snap, which includes Harrison Ford, “Hello Tokyo! 🌸💗”.

There are also future projects in the works that will pair Ana with big names. And she recently shared one of these new gigs on her social media.

The photo we’re talking about? This one alongside James Bond himself, Daniel Craig!

In the photo she finally gets to announce her exciting new project, the next Bond film. Ana wrote in the caption, “This is so exciting, I finally got to share the news!!! I’m so happy to work alongside these amazing talented artists. Can’t wait to start. #Bond25 @007 #caryfukunaga“.

But it’s not only co-stars that are featured on Ana de Armas’ Instagram. Now that she’s nominated for a Golden Globe and growing more famous by the day, she’s presented with some pretty cool opportunities.

Like getting to stop by James Coden’s late night show! The actress recently got to stop by the late night show and share a spot on the couch with other famous faces.

Lucky for her fans, she shared this cool selfie taken by James Corden himself.

#aboutlastnight 🤘🏻✨ thank you @j_corden @latelateshow !!! #MichaelFassbender #JackHanna” she wrote. In the photo she’s seated with none other than Jack Hanna and Michael Fassbender.

We love getting to see Ana in the mix with other celebrities!

What’s The Bottom Line?

Whether you’re there for the selfies or the artsy black and white photos, it’s clear Ana de Armas’ Instagram provides plenty of quality content.

You’ll also get the bonus perk of seeing other celebrities pop up every now and then! And you’ll learn about her latest projects as she’s able to share the big news.

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