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Amy Schumer’s Instagram is filled with laughs, thanks to the comedian’s impressive wit. And although you can guarantee a chuckle while perusing her feed, it’s not just comedy that Amy shares. She’s also active in politics and has been brutally honest about her pregnancy.

We’re breaking down our favorite elements of Amy Schumer’s Instagram next. Take a look:

Amy Schumer’s Instagram Talks Politics

One thing that’s not so funny that Amy Schumer doesn’t shy away from? Politics. The star makes her opinions known on her social media platform. She advocates for causes and issues she believes in, and shines a spotlight on things she feels her followers should know about.

She’s aligned herself with the NAACP, sharing their causes like #LogOutInstagram in the past.

#LogOutInstagram #LogOutFacebook NAACP

One of the causes closest to the comedian’s heart? Women’s rights. Amy Schumer’s Instagram often focuses on demonstrations like Women’s Marches. She’s been a prominent celebrity who attends the marches and actively shares her disdain for President Trump.

Even when she found herself too pregnant to participate in the march, she made sure to shout it out in 2019.

Amy Schumer political post

She’s very vocal about the Violence Against Women Act, which she has shared information about on her Instagram many times.

VAWA Instagram Amy Schumer

And Amy Schumer has even lent her comedic talents to help people running for Congress, like this event she shared with followers.

Amy Schumer political fundraiser

She also endorses candidates she believes in and educates her followers on their platforms.

Amy Schumer endorses Anthony Brindisi for congress on Instagram.

It’s refreshing to see that Amy Schumer’s Instagram includes serious issues. Though not all of her followers agree with her politics, it’s certainly the celebrity’s right to share what she believes in and try to inspire others to follow suit.

Amy Schumer’s Instagram Includes Hilarious Captions

Did you expect anything less from Amy Schumer’s Instagram? The hilarious star keeps things full of laughs on her social media page. She makes jokes constantly on her page, with some of the funniest captions around.

While pregnant, Amy Schumer didn’t stop with her signature self-deprecation. Take this photo for example, where she posed next to a massive whale statute and got a joke in about her pregnant physique.

Amy Schumer preganant Instagram post

Check out this post, where she shared a photo of the now-infamous tents from Fyre Festival and added a laugh-inducing caption.

Amy Schumer baby shower

Or this one, where she shared a paparazzi snap and infused a joke in the caption.

We all know Amy Schumer can write a great joke, and it’s here in her captions that she truly shines. Fortunately for all of us, she doesn’t just limit her laughs to a caption here or there. There’s plenty more hilarity in Amy Schumer’s Instagram feed, which we’ll get to next…

Amy Schumer’s Instagram Includes Funny Video Content

We love Amy Schumer in action, so her video posts on Instagram are some of our favorites. Just like watching her comedy specials or funny films, these posts never fail to crack us up.

Like this one, of a pregnant Amy on the beach doing a classic run from “Baywatch.” From the music choice to her funny caption, this is the kind of funny Amy content we live for.

This one really got us! While in New Orleans, Amy Schumer saw a group of women practicing a routine and jumped right in.

The result? This hilarious video of Amy bringing up the rear of this dance group.

Sometimes Amy blesses our feeds with a professionally shot video for an outlet, like this one for InStyle. Check out these hilarious life tips!

Whenever we see that Amy Schumer’s Instagram has shared a video, we’re instantly turning up our volume to see what kind of hilarious content she’s cooked up this time.

And while videos on most Instagram accounts aren’t a highlight in our book, we wait patiently for Amy’s!

Amy Schumer’s Instagram Includes Photos With Celebrity Friends

If it’s a star’s birthday and Amy Schumer has a picture with them, you better believe they’re getting a birthday shoutout!

Check out this snap on Amy Schumer’s Instagram of the star alongside superstar Madonna.

Madonna & Amy Schumer

She took the opportunity to wish Madonna a happy birthday with this photo post.

The same thing happened on fellow comedian Dave Chappelle’s birthday. Amy Schumer shared a sweet selfie with the funny guy.

Amy Schumer and Dave Chappelle

Or this one with yet another comedy great — Chris Rock! Amy Schumer posted this one in honor of his birthday.

Amy Schumer wishes Chris Rock a happy birthday

One very famous face on Amy Schumer’s Instagram page? Former President Barack Obama! The comedian shared a photo with the politician in honor of his birthday.

Amy Schumer wishes Barack Obama happy birthday on her Instagram

We love seeing all the surprising celebrities Amy Schumer has run into over her career. Keep these celebrity cameos coming, Amy!

Amy Schumer’s Instagram Includes Work Updates

Need to know what’s going on in the world of Amy Schumer? Look no further than her Instagram, where she keeps fans up to date on the latest happenings.

If you’re desperate for a new stand up comedy special, you’re in luck. Amy Schumer’s Instagram has often been toting her latest work — “Growing” — which will be featured on Netflix.

But even when she needs to make a work related announcement, Amy Schumer keeps things funny.

A perfect example? While announcing new tour dates, she opted to post this silly photo of herself.

Amy Schumer tour

Conversely, when she needed to cancel tour dates, she also kept things light. After her pregnancy forced her to pull back on her touring schedule, Amy Schumer took to Instagram to share the news in true Amy fashion.

Amy Schumer announced tour cancellation through Instagram due to pregnancy complications.

If you’re hoping to catch some of Amy’s work, her Instagram is a great place to learn about the latest.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Though Amy Schumer’s Instagram delivers the laughs, there’s also much more to her content. She keeps things real and isn’t afraid to share her political opinions or the sometimes ugly truth of pregnancy.

If you’re looking for a dose of humor and honesty, we highly recommend Amy Schumer’s Instagram.

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