Why You Need To Follow Amber Rose’s Instagram Right Now

Amber Rose’s Instagram has 18.7 million followers. After a little research, we discovered why the American model has such a huge audience.

Her Instagram content is quality. She posts the perfect mix between funny, cute and aesthetic! In this article, we’ll take you on a tour through Amber Rose’s Instagram to show you just the kind of stuff she posts.

Her Pregnancy

The main thing on Amber Rose’s Instagram right now is her pregnancy! The model revealed she was pregnant on the social media site on the 4th of April, 2019. There’s no doubt that her Instagram will be full of exciting pregnancy updates and then eventually, a baby, of course!

If you are interested in knowing more about her growing family or need some tips for your own, then definitely follow Amber Rose’s Instagram.

In the photo, Amber looks super happy as she finds out the sex of her baby and shows off her baby bump for the first time.

Amber Rose’s Instagram Shows Off Her Bling

Any celebrity with cash to spare is going to splash on a few pieces of bling. Amber Rose definitely does the same!

In this short video with 1 million views, Amber Rose shows off her new custom diamond ring with two giant stones and a diamond twist. It’s an unusual shape but suits her very well. She also tags her new jeweler who probably got a lot of business after this post!

In another video, she shows off this glam glittery watch that was a gift from her boyfriend, A.E.. It’s a wild bit of jewelry and a huge statement piece! Of course, it will certainly suit the model.

Another video on Amber Rose’s Instagram is this one of her showing off four pieces of jewelry along with dozens of hundred dollar bills. This video has 1.4 million views and a lot of controversial comments. If you are looking for drama, where you can sit behind a screen with a bag of popcorn and read controversial comments, Amber Rose’s Instagram is the place to be.

Some comments include: “Greed.” and “The majority of your followers are going through emotional and financial struggles. You all have a moral duty to be grateful for the step up THEY gave you.”

Amber Rose’s Instagram Makes People Laugh

We all love a funny Instagram! It keeps us entertained and it’s nice to see a celebrity with a sense of humor, especially when it’s not part of their career. It’s like a secret gem!

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A post shared by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

She shares this funny meme of Celine Dion singing “Go on” to a friend saying they have gossip. Amber Rose had people laughing in the comments at this one! It’s especially funny considering her post before this was proclaiming she was done with drama.

Amber Rose’s Instagram is full of these motivational posts and good riddances to things that don’t matter. However, this video is just extra funny with Diddy kicking away all the words. It’s definitely a great edit!

Okay, this one is more shocking than funny, but it still might make you laugh! Amber Rose shows off her boa constrictor called Cleopatra as they watch Shameless together. She even refers to the snake as her “baby girl”. You won’t believe some of the things you find on Amber Rose’s Instagram!

Model Shots

Of course, Amber Rose is a model so a lot of her Instagram photos revolve around that. She has a unique aesthetic which she highlights on her social media.

She certainly looks glamorous in her photos! Amber Rose even tags her hair and makeup artist in case you want to follow, or even book, them for yourselves!

In other posts, she shows off her style! In this picture, her style is very casual and affordable. If you want cute and affordable fashion tips then definitely follow Amber Rose’s Instagram.

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Thick thighs save lives @fashionnova ๐Ÿ˜‹

A post shared by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

Finally, Amber Rose also celebrates different body types on her Instagram. While showing off this hot pink matching skirt set and purple overcoat, she also raves about having “thick thighs”. It’s awesome to see celebrities being proud of their bodies!

Friends And Family On Amber Rose’s Instagram

Lastly, you should definitely follow Amber Rose’s Instagram for all her friends and family updates. She seems to be very close to her friends and family. When you follow a celebrity on Instagram, it’s usually because you want an insight into their daily life.

Following Amber Rose is no different. She posts about her friends and family a lot so her fans can see that she lives a normal crazy life like the rest of us!

In this post, she celebrates the birthday of her personal assistant, Isaiah Joseph. It’s awesome to see how close she is to someone who works for her! It shows that she is an easy and approachable gal who treats everyone equally. Plus, the photo is super cute!

In a later post, Amber Rose celebrates the birthday of her security guard! Sometimes you imagine celebrities have no communication with their security personnel but Amber Rose’s Instagram shows it differently.

Of course, she celebrates her dad, too! In this post, she wishes her dad a happy birthday while sharing a carousel of retro vintage photographs of him when he was younger. So cute.

Lastly, she shares this adorable video of her son Sebastian singing “Havana” on his birthday. Totally priceless! Celebrities don’t often show photographs of their kids online so when they do, it’s always a good one. Follow Amber Rose’s Instagram for the occasional but worth it photo or video of her little family.

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