Welcome to yet another review, maybe a little different from the ones you’re used to, but still very helpful.

By now, you’ve been able to understand how much social media has affected the work you do on your platforms, and how much it has helped you get to the number you want. Quantity and quality are two inseparable terms when it comes to any online business.

And when these two terms are combined, we get LinkedIn automation tools. We are all somewhat familiar with what they are responsible for, but there is one part for which we still need help.

As in many previous reviews, a distinction should be made between those that are really worth your time, attention and money, and those that would be best just to skip.

Today we present AimFox, a source for which we received early access for testing purposes, and now we can translate our experience into this review.

We encourage you to stay until the end of this AimFox review and come to a conclusion with us as to which category this automation tool falls into.

AimFox At First Glance

We believe that most of you want to know in advance what will be said in this review, so we went ahead and took care of that. Based on our experience, these are the points we were able to note related to the performance of AimFox.

No errors occurring. /
No sensitive information required. /
A variety of features offered. /
User-friendly. /
Offers a free 7-day trial. /

The Overall Look Of The Platform

When it comes to any online business, part of the importance goes to the look and how the business organizes its homepage. It may not sound that important to you, but this is the first thing that keeps visitors on a site.

AimFox has done its part of the job by allowing its first-time visitors to navigate the site easily, and most importantly, not bother them with irrelevant information.

We say this for the simple reason because many companies find it challenging to maintain a balance between the essential and the irrelevant. 

The ideal layout of the platform, in our opinion, includes some ground information about the features, and some side information for those who are interested to learn more.

Homepages that are cluttered with information will seem fake, and those that lack some basic information will probably be viewed as a scam. Finding a balance between the two isn’t that hard. You just need to put yourself in the position of the observer, right?

To bring you closer to what we were talking about, here’s what the focus of AimFox features looks like.

A screenshot showing aimfox features.

What we would like to highlight here, which proved to be an exceptional addition to this particular tool, are the following features:

  • personalized messages
  • leads dashboard
  • multiple account support

Personalized Messages

However fundamental they may be in relation to LinkedIn purposes, some automation tools still use generated messages. With the range that this software deals with, this can be considered a drawback. 

Why? Well, simply because a few monotonous messages sent to companies and businesses of interest generally do not give back positive feedback. What is characteristic of AimFox, however, is the ability for you to personalize your messages.

This is very useful, and even if it doesn’t seem that way to you, it will to the party receiving your message. This gives you the ability to compose messages according to your preferences and make them appropriate for the target business that they are being sent to.

Leads Dashboard

The Leads Dashboard feature within AimFox gives you an excellent service in saving time when connecting companies with suppliers, contractors, etc. Some businesses see this as a critical component, and we agree.

This is an advanced automation capability that will be able to show you everything at any given moment and make it easier to keep track of large volumes of data.

Multiple Accounts

The possibility of creating multiple accounts should not be overlooked. While specific LinkedIn tools are limited to only one account, AimFox offers the ability to create two or more accounts that you will be able to track simultaneously. 

Of course, you do not have to worry about notifications, which will be harmonized.

Surely there are companies out there that would like to manage two accounts without worrying about restrictions, and whether one account will be shut down.

Offers A 7-Day Free Trial

After scrolling through the homepage, you will come across the free trial option. Still, many companies do not have a habit of offering this (even though they should).

A screenshot showing the aimfox free trial option

We recommend that you do not miss the chance to try this opportunity. This is good from whatever perspective you look at it. If you look at it from the company’s point of view, this goes in their favor. Free trials are generally a good advertisement.

On the other hand, if you look at this from the perspective of a potential customer, this gives you a chance to try out the services, and see if you are satisfied without paying a single dollar.

We were satisfied with the services, how about you?

No Errors During The Process

It’s no secret that some software is just not developed properly, thus slowing down your business. For example, there are many LinkedIn Tools that you feel need a minimum of a few minutes to load a page.

This can be a huge obstacle since automation tools should function smoothly.

We can say that AimFox does not have such problems and that during the use of this automation tool, we did not encounter sudden errors, bugs, or slow loading.

No Sensitive Information Required

Before this, you must have come across various online businesses that asked you for different private information before you created an account. Of course, this is nothing less than a scam.

Scams will never cease to exist, and their main goal will always be to extract money from you, or even worse, private information related to your account. Since the topic is currently LinkedIn, you are dealing with your data, as well as the information of the companies and businesses you work with.

It’s hard to believe which source is 100% safe with your information, but we can say with certainty that AimFox is not a scam. All you need to type in is your email address, and you’re good to go.

Is AimFox Legal?

Perhaps our previous statement about trial testing led you to the question, “is AimFox legal?”

The answer is yes, AimFox is legal, and it is a legit automation tool with no hidden intentions for your money, unlike many others of the same kind.

AimFox: Conclusion

If you decide to use AimFox, you will have the opportunity to experience a user-friendly platform that is easy to get around. In addition, when the time comes to log in, you will not be required to enter sensitive information.

While using the services, you will be able to enjoy various benefits, such as personalized messages and multiple account support. And, if you’re at all skeptical, you also have the 7-day free trial.

What we sincerely recommend is to try AimFox. Their services did not let us down, and we hope you will feel the same!

By Dejan

No credit, Trial, simple signup

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