Achieve Your Instagram Feed Goals With These Easy Tips

With the growing users of Instagram, it’s no longer enough to post an amazing photo. You’ll need a well-curated and cohesive theme. Creating a unique Instagram feed is not as easy as it looks.

To be called “Instagram feed goals”, you’ll need to achieve a feed that is close to visual perfection. Impress your followers and make a good impression.

Follow this guide to turn your Instagram feed from good to amazing.

Why It’s Important To Curate Your Instagram Feed

Your Instagram feed should reflect who you are. It must showcase your brand image.

The first thing that users see when visiting your profile is your feed. A keen eye for a well-curated feed turns a visitor into a follower in seconds. So choose images that work well together and create a unique aesthetic.

Your followers will associate that particular theme with your brand. This way, your photos are easily recognizable.

A Filipino artist's instagram feed

What do you want to post about?

To determine your theme, figure out what you’re passionate about. Post content and talk about these topics. Users are more likely to follow your account if you have consistent content. Pick a few things you love, like books, coffee, or travel.

Take a look at Crime By The Book’s example. Her Instagram feed focuses on coffee and crime fiction.

Book and coffee instagram feed

But when it’s a business account, you need to be strategic. Showcase your brand in the most visually appealing way.

The Coffee Bean successfully combines their brand and mission in their Instagram feed.

Perfect combination of brand and mission

How do you create a cohesive Instagram feed?

Typically, you’ll need to choose a certain theme for your feed – like food, travel, etc. But limiting your posts isn’t fun at all. What you can do is choose a common aesthetic that seamlessly weaves through your posts. All you have to do is generate content that fits the “vibe” of your Instagram feed. You can create a bright, moody, colorful, or minimalist Instagram feed.

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Take a look at Canary Grey‘s Instagram feed. You’ll see lots of white. Each photo has a thick white border that draws your attention to the center of the photo.

minimalist instagram feed

Soft Pastel

Soft pinks, yellows, and blues are a recurring theme in cestmaria‘s grid.

soft pastel instagram feed

Color Blocks

The colorful, vibrant vibe of Sarahhearts‘ Instagram aesthetic is something you’ll wish to recreate.

color block instagram feed

Color Pop

Dry Bar‘s Instagram feed have pops of yellow every now and then. You’ll instantly know what their brand is about. The pop of color makes these photos stand out while creating a cohesive theme.

pop of yellow instagram feed

Tips To Achieve Those Instagram Feed Goals

Use Similar Colors For A Consistent Feed

Your feed must flow naturally without disruption. This is possible through consistently editing your photos.

Create a color scheme for your Instagram feed by choosing at least three key colors.

Take a look at Barefoot Barista‘s feed. Their photos mostly consist of black, deep brown, and a pop of yellow. Each post has a moody, clean vibe to it which suits the brand.

dark and moody instagram feed

Use apps to edit your photos.

It’s not enough to use Instagram filters anymore. There are plenty of badass photo editing apps available at your fingertips.

  • Photoshop: This is one of the best photo editing software available. It is also a bit complex, so there’s definitely a learning curve.
  • Lightroom CC: Quickly and easily take your posts to the next level. With one click, you can dramatically give your photos a professional look.

Take a look at Dirty Boots and Messy Hair‘s Instagram feed. They gather user-generated content that uses their Lightroom Preset. As a result, you’ll see a feed with similar tones.

dirty boots and messy hair lightroom preset

  • VSCO: The most popular photo editing app for Instagram. Create effects and edit filters on your phone while on-the-go. It has a wide range of filters and options. There are endless possibilities.

From a warm tint to joyful, colorful tones – choose one that matches your brand.

Warm filter for a vintage feel. This filter consist of black, warm browns, and a subtle peach hue. Perfect for travel or cafe photos.

C8 VSCO filter for instagram feed

Green-toned filter perfect for the tropics. This theme beautifully highlights blue, green, and orange tones.

C8 VSCO filter instagram feed

Monochrome filter for a sleek and classy Instagram feed. Create a two-toned color scheme without resorting to a typical black and white filter.

SE3 VSCO filter instagram feed

Your Instagram feed represents your brand. Incorporate your branding into each post with a consistent editing style or color scheme.

Tip #1: Some Instagram feed have a colored tint that makes the grid look cohesive. If you don’t want to play with filters, consider tweaking the colors of your shadow/highlight. The ‘Color’ tool on IG allows you to play around with the tint within the app.

Tip #2: Don’t go crazy with filters! You only need to add a touch of a particular filter. Do this to each photo to make your Instagram feed look more cohesive.

Focus On Your Brand

When users visit your profile, the grid of photos is the first thing they’ll see. Like your bio, each photo must showcase your brand. Curate your feed so it focuses on your product while having a similar theme throughout.

A well-curated feed will sway visitors to becoming followers.

Look at Starbucks‘ example. Each photo features the product at the center with a colorful backdrop. Even though they don’t use a uniform color scheme, their grid still looks cohesive.

Starbucks coffee take center stage

Sticking to a color scheme isn’t the only way to achieve Instagram feed goals.

Take The Beauty Chef‘s feed example. Their photos look simple, clean, and the focus is on their product. They break up busy posts with text and clean backgrounds. This allows the eye to move freely between posts.

The Beauty Chef uses pastel hues in their feed

Gather Original and Amazing Visuals

To create an amazing Instagram feed, your individual posts must look good beside each other. The first step is to collect photos and choose. You can still post what you want, but you have to properly plan it.

For example, a busy photo won’t look good in a minimalist feed. It doesn’t matter whether you use the same filter. It’ll still look out of place. If your feed has a moody vibe, photos that should be bright and colorful won’t work.

Happy Grey Lucky has an amazing Instagram feed. Their photos have consistent themes, lighting, and filter. These are essential factors for creating a cohesive Instagram aesthetic.

happy grey lucky uses similar themes throughout their instagram feed

Tip: Schedule “shooting days” for your Instagram content. This will help you plan better as well as maximize your time. You’ll be sure that each photo flows better in your feed.

Rearrange Your Photos To Make Them Flow

At this point, you have enough photos to work with. Play with the order of your photos so they look great next to each other.

But how will you know which photos come after?

Space your photos based on their colors, subject, or background. Don’t post the same thing two or three times in a row. Create contrast between your posts for a balanced Instagram feed.

The Junipero succeeds in this style. They post a mixture of perfectly spaced lifestyle shots.

Junipero creates beautifully spaced photos in their feed

Tip #1: Preview your photos in a grid format before posting. This allows you to rearrange your photos to see how they flow.

Tip #2: Balance a busy photo with a lighter one. Or place it next to a photo with a lot of white space around it.

Wisteria_voyage evenly distributes selfies, clothes, and other lifestyle posts throughout her grid. This results in a chic, clean Instagram feed.

chic instagam feed with pastel hues

Muster self-control when you really want to post a photo that doesn’t fit your feed. If it’s a personal account, a few off-theme posts are okay- it’s just a gram!

A business account is a different story. So don’t risk diluting your Instagram feed for one photo.

Share that it on your Facebook or Twitter instead.

Tip #3: If it’s something you really want to share in IG, consider posting it on your Instagram Story. Users will still see it and your feed won’t get ruined.

Invest Time In Planning Your Instagram Feed

Instagram is no longer “instant”. These days, users are spending chunks of their time carefully curating their feed.

If you want to achieve your Instagram feed goals, invest time.

Some Instagrammers dedicate a whole day or two to shoot and edit photos. These photos will be posted throughout the week.

Popular bookstagrammers are know to have shooting days for their IG feed

Tip: Download an app that allows you to plan and schedule your posts. This is a must-have when creating a consistent feed. It takes the guesswork out of how your photos will look together. Plus, your posts will be more consistent.

Scheduling posts result in consistent account updates. When done right, it will improve your account exposure which ultimately grows your followers.

A well-curated Instagram feed creates a unique brand story.

Final Thoughts

Once you choose a theme, stick to it. Carefully plan each Instagram post. Remember that each content you put out there is a reflection of your brand.

A cohesive feed gives you an edge over your competition. A curated theme and consistent color scheme compel users to follow you.

Use these tips to keep your branding visually consistent.

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