A Quick And Painless Guide to Instagram For PC

While the majority of Instagram users opt to use the mobile version, there’s still a time and place to use Instagram for PC.

Before you laugh at the of idea of using Instagram from a desktop, hear us out. The Instagram mobile app is convenient for many things…but not everything.

In this guide, we’ll break down reasons why you might want to use Instagram from a computer and how to get started today.

Reasons To Use Instagram For PC

We’ve all been there: You’re super scared of getting reprimanded at work for having your personal phone out, but if you don’t check Instagram, you will *die* (not to be dramatic or anything).

Man oh man, if only there were a way to check Instagram from a desktop, then you’d be in business.

Lucky for you, it is possible to use Instagram from a computer.

But, feeding your Instagram addiction in secret so your boss is none the wiser isn’t the only reason we love Instagram for PC.

Instagram For PC 1: Upload Photos From Your Computer

In the past, it was difficult to use Instagram from a computer, but in 2016, Instagram rolled out the Instagram for Windows app in the Microsoft Store.

With the Instagram app for PC , you can use all the special effects and filters you love right on your computer.

If you don’t have Windows 8 or Windows 10, you can use a cloud-based storage app like Dropbox or Google Drive to get photos from your computer to the Instagram mobile app.

For now, Instagram’s website doesn’t allow users to upload images directly from a computer.

Pro Tip: For the 411 on Instagram filters, check out our guide and make your next post a work of art.

Instagram For PC 2: Enjoy Larger Images

We love to use Instagram from a computer because the images are HUGE.

Rather than squinting at teeny tiny pictures on your phone, Instagram from a desktop is like leisurely flipping through a magazine.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling as fast as our little thumbs can go, we like to use Instagram from a computer to take our time and really enjoy each image.

Learn how to use Instagram for PC with our quick (and painless) guide!
Image Credit: Unsplash

Instagram For PC 3: Less Likely To Accidentally “Like” A Post

Since we’re all friends here, it’s okay to admit you’ve Instagram stalked someone.

We’ll go first: DUH!

To save you the horror of accidentally double tapping your ex-boyfriend’s new (obviously not as hawt) girlfriend’s happy Easter post from three years ago, we recommend using Instagram for PC to do your Insta-stalking.

Pro Tip: There are definitely those times you want to be invisible on Instagram, but for the most part, you’re trying to be seen more. Learn how to make that happen with our Instagram algorithm guide.

How To Use Instagram For PC

It’s actually really simple to use Instagram from a computer.

  • Go to the Instagram website.
  • Below the signup form, you’ll see “Have an account?” Click “Log in.”
  • On the next page, enter your username and password.
    • It’s the same username and password you use on the mobile app.
  • You’re in!
Learn how to use Instagram for PC with our quick (and painless) guide!
Image Credit: Unsplash

Pro Tip: When the computer asks to save your password, only do so if it’s your personal device. You don’t want to leave your account open and potentially get hacked.

Instagram For PC, Mobile & Beyond

You’re well on your way to being an Instagram expert.

Whether you’re using the Instagram mobile app or rocking the platform from a computer, genuine followers are vital to your social media success.

To help you grow your Instagram with organic followers, Upleap provides dedicated account managers who will connect you with people that will love your content.

See for yourself with our no-commitment free trial today!

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