8 Instagram Text Hacks for Better IG Stories

Let’s face it; Instagram Stories are a pretty big deal.

Not only was this feature responsible for increasing the time that people spend on their Insta app by up to 10 minutes per session – but Stories also improve the engagement between brands, influencers, and fans.

So, what has Instagram text got to do with all this?

Simple. Most people assume that if they want to improve the appeal of their Stories, they have to focus on developing the most immersive images possible. It makes sense – as Instagram is a primarily visual platform. However, you’d be surprised how much you can stand out by going against the status quo every once in a while.

Instagram text is one of the most overlooked and under-utilized features on IG stories, which means that it can also be a goldmine if you learn how to use it correctly.

To help you get ahead of the curve for 2019, here are our top tips for sensational Stories.

1.     Use Custom Instagram Text

Since it launched back in 2016, Instagram Stories has become one of the most popular tools on the IG app. Through this simple tool, you can strengthen your connection with your target audience, share valuable content, and even show off your personality. However, with so many of your competitors already using Stories, how do you make sure that your content stands out?

Why not start by customizing them?

People have been using custom text on Instagram for quite some time now, but they’ve only just realised that they can make the most of it in their Stories.

To instantly transform your Instagram Text, try using an app like Tyorama. It’s an overlay text editor on the app store that allows you to add unique fonts to your images. You’ll need to edit the image outside of Instagram and then load it to your profile, but there’s a good chance you’re already doing that so you can #Photoshop some of your pics.

With Typorama, you can even crop images to the right dimensions for Insta stories, adjust your filters and overlays, and add a branded watermark to stop people from #Regramming without permission.

2.     Show Your True Colors

There’s something about Instagram that brings out the inner unicorn in all of us. If you want to let your colorful flag fly on Stories, the best way to do that is to change up your font with some multi-shaded text. All you need to do to get some extra pizazz into your Instagram pictures is:

  • Load your photo into the Instagram app
  • Tap on the text mode in Stories, and highlight your chosen text
  • Press and hold the color palette icon at the bottom of the screen to open the entire spectrum
  • Keep one finger on the color spectrum, and one on the right of your highlighted text
  • Drag both fingers to the left of your screen, choosing individual shades for each letter along the way.

It sounds a little bit complicated at first, but you’ll get the hang of it after a while. Here’s an #Insta post explaining everything again, in case you get confused.

View this post on Instagram

🌈RAINBOW TEXT TUTORIAL!🌈 . (Scroll across) . I was trying to work out how to make my Insta story tutorial permanent and this is the closest I can get! . Step 1: create an Insta Story and type text as usual Step 2: highlight all text Step 3: with one finger, hold down the purple colour dot until the full spectrum appears Step 4: with a second finger, carefully select the end of the text Step 5: carefully drag both fingers along the text and spectrum until you can see the colours changing Step 6,7 & 8: swear and throw your phone a few times because it doesn’t work Step 9: pick up your phone and try one.more.time Step 10: YOU GOT IT! Tag @uhhuhdigital In your Insta story to show off your smug new skill! #instastories #rainbowtext #thankmelater

A post shared by Copy for creative types 👩🏼‍🎤 (@uhhuhdigital) on

3.     Add Drop Shadows to Instagram Text

The biggest problem that most people have with Instagram text is that even though there are a few options to pick from, they can get old pretty sharpish. You can only see posts like this so many times before you start to crave some font with a little more oomph.

One way to turn up the heat on your text in Stories is to add a drop shadow effect. Not only will the shadow help your font to stand out, but it might also add a bit of extra dimension to your Stories too. To create the look and hopefully boost your Instagram exposure, tap on the “Aa” icon on the right hand of your screen.

Once you’re happy with the text, open up another text box, and write the same thing again, just in a different color. All you need to do after that is arrange one of your font boxes over the other, and it’ll look like you’re casting a stunning shadow on the image below.

Pretty neat right?

4.     Get Interactive with your Instagram Text

One of the reasons why Instagram text is so important is that it allows you to engage with your audience on a deeper level. You can use your font to ask questions, talk about your day, or even announce something important. Heck, you can even add some hashtags if you want to!

Since one of the best ways to engage with your audience is to ask them questions, it makes sense to try grabbing your audience’s attention on Stories this way too.

Go into the Stories app on your phone and click on the Poll sticker on the Sticker menu. Once you’ve come up with something interesting to ask your audience, you can give your followers two options to choose from or use an Emoji slider to help them customize their answers.

Suddenly, with a simple poll or question sticker, you’re not just talking at your audience in your Stories, you’re having a conversation with them!

Question sticker example

5.     Use @Mentions to Give Followers a #ShoutOut

Another great way to interact with your audience via Instagram text is to give them a shoutout!

Now that you can use @Mentions in your Instagram Stories, it’s easier than ever to give other brands a little bit of love with some attention-grabbing font. Adding an @Mention to your story is just like using one in your standard Instagram posts, like this one below from Nike:

Using the Instagram Text tool, type the @ onto your screen and add the Instagram handle of the person you want to mention. A small line should appear underneath the handle when you’re done to indicate that people on your follower list can click on it and go to the account that you’ve tagged.

This is a brilliant way to start building relationships with potential partners and influencers!

6.     Use Invisible Hashtags

We all know how important it is to find and use the right hashtags in your Instagram stories. The trouble is, they don’t exactly look good when they’re plastered all over your background. The good news is that there are ways to make your hashtags invisible if you’re willing to play around with Instagram text.

Simply upload a photo from your gallery, and add it into your Story, then type in the #Hashtag that you want to rank for. Once you’re ready, highlight your tag and tap on the “pen” option. You can drag the pen across the screen into the background of the text until the color of your tag matches the background completely.

Your hashtags will be invisible, but they’ll still help you to draw the right crowds to your account.

7.     Try Type Mode

If you want to unlock the real potential of Instagram text, then you need to check out the most recent font-based addition to the Stories feature – Type mode. Type mode is designed for people who want to share text-only updates with their followers on Instagram. There’s no need to even snap a picture because you can write over a colorful background instead.

Currently, there are only five different fonts to choose from in Type mode – but that’s still better than Facebook, which only gives you one font option if you decide to share a live story with text. Additionally, you can choose from a wide variety of shades for your fonts and backgrounds, so that does help to spruce things up.

Fonts available in type mode

When you’re finished adding your text, don’t forget to include animated GIFs, drawings, stickers, and anything else that might help your images to stand out even more. Be as creative as you like – you are on Instagram after all!

8.     Add Links to Your Story with Swipe-up

Finally, one of the most lucrative ways to use Instagram text on your Stories is reserved specifically for people with 10,000 followers or above. For many businesses, the biggest problem with Stories has been the inability to add clickable links to posts. However, all that changed recently – at least for a select few accounts. You’ll need to be verified, and you’ll need to have a business account too!

If you’re enough of an Instagram #BigDeal, you can add links to your Stories by clicking on the link at the top right of your screen that looks like a chain (or link). Choose the + URL option to add your link, and your followers will see an option on their Story that allows them to swipe up and go directly to your chosen URL. It’s one of the easiest ways to get people visiting your essential web pages straight from Instagram. For instance, @Detoxinista uses the swipe up function to send people from their recipe-based stories to the Detoxinista website, where they can buy a brand-new cookbook.

Picture of Muffins Story with See More text

So, what if you don’t have enough followers to use the swipe up feature? Or what if you simply don’t have time to make the most out of all the Instagram text options we mentioned above?

There’s a simple solution. Contact Upleap and start your free Instagram growth trial today. We’ll handle all the hard work of growing a strong Instagram following for you, so you can just sit back and enjoy #Instafame.

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