8 Tips To Create The Perfect Bookstagram

‘Bookstagram’ is a term for an Instagram account centered around books. Basically, it’s one giant online book club! So, whether you take pictures of books, reading nooks or you with your favorite novel, it’s perfect for a Bookstagram account. In this article, we will share 8 bookstagram tips to help you start a dreamy account.

1. Choose The Perfect Bookstagram Username

First, you need to figure out what you want to be called on Bookstagram. The good thing is, there are so many wonderful words related to literature. Your username will help you create your Bookstagram brand. Are you going to be funny? Serious? Relatable?

Here are some examples of great Bookstagram usernames:

  1. @lo.reads. Lauren literally just used her nickname – Lo – and added on ‘reads’, to articulate that’s what she’s all about. Reading!
  2. @wanderingpages_. This is a cute and aesthetic username. For example, it shows she’s a reader but also a traveler. Even if it’s only to fictional worlds!
  3. @britishbookreader. Well, this is straight to the point and I like it. It’s simple but still effective.
  4. @never_too_many_books. I think it’s a motto all bookworms live by so why not use it as a Bookstagram username?
  5. Lastly, @areadingredhead. Chloe used something quirky about herself to announce who she is as a reader. You know, that redhead? Oh yes, the reading redhead!

With this in mind, it’s time for you to choose your bookish username. Maybe you have a unique name that goes alongside a bookish word perfectly. Is there something unique about your appearance that makes you stand out? Try using uncommon words and sneak them into your username, such as ‘prose’ or ‘tomes’ or ‘verso’.

2. Perfect That Bookstagram Bio

A great Bookstagram tip is to create the best bio you can. For instance, in the Bookstagram sphere, people love to know a number of things:

    1. How old you are, but in Roman numerals because they looks cute.
    2. Your Meyer Briggs personality type. I suppose we’re nosy creatures.
    3. Of course, your Hogwarts house. Priorities.
    4. A handful of words that describe who you are. For example, you might be a writer, a dancer, a student, a mother. Or, if you’re like @bckyrobertson, you might simply be an ‘autumn-lover’.
    5. Your current read and how many books you’ve read that year. Check out @bethsbookshelf for a simple way to format that.
    6. Finally, your links. Unfortunately, Instagram only allows one link per account. However, Linktree has created a way of opening up that link to a handful of other links. Maybe you’ll link people to a blog – a great thing to have as a Bookstagrammer – or your Goodreads account.

3. Make Friends With The Bookstagram Community

This is a stellar Bookstagram tip. Before you even post your first photo, introduce yourself to the community.

Thankfully, everyone in the Bookstagram community is enthusiastic to meet new people. They’re very friendly and passionate. There can never be too many bookworms!

View this post on Instagram

Hello everyone! So I’m definitely an amateur bookstagramer but I thought it might be fun to share my booksta tips with other amateur bookstagramers! 1. Natural light is KEY! 2. Backgrounds are important but you don’t need to spend money on them! Use a wooden surface in your house, a plain sheet/blanket, books laying open (like you see above), or get an old book from a used bookstore ($1-$2) and lay out the pages (bonus: if you tape down the pages to a board you can hang it on a wall when your not taking photos and it becomes a really cool art piece!). 3. Take pictures outside in nature! I know it can be super awkward to take pictures in public, but trust me, other people aren’t thinking “what’s that weirdo doing?” they are thinking “wow, what a cool idea!” Plus, who really cares what random strangers think of you? You’re never going to see them again! 4. You don’t need to spend money on props. Things you have lying around your house can be just as gorgeous! A scarf, a pair of glasses, plants, tea mugs, stuffed animals, a handwritten quote… etc. If you are going to invest in some props, I recommend a string of twinkle lights (~$15) because they can be used to jazz up any kind of photo! 5. UNUM is a great free tool to help you organize your feed! 6. You also don’t need to spend money on editing tools! I just use the editing tools that come with my phone, the ones on UNUM (which are surprisingly good), and occasionally AirBrush (also free) if I’ve got a zit I want to take out. 😅 7. Get creative! Don’t worry about finding the right “theme” if that’s not for you! If it is, that’s totally cool too! Challenge yourself to make every photo unique whether you have a theme or not! . I hope some of you will find these helpful! . QOTD: why are some of your bookstagram tips you’d like to share? • • • #bookstagramtips #books #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #booksofig #readersofinstagram #readersofig #booknerd #bibliophile #currentreading #book #booklover #booklion #bookworm #booksandshares #bookfeaturepage #bookstagramfeature #bookishfeatures #wonderwoman #leighbardugo #warbringer #wonderwomanwarbringer #mybookishfeatures

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First, search for bookish accounts and from there, see who they’re following. It’s a good idea to like some of their posts and comment, answering whatever Question of the Day – otherwise known as QOTD – they’ve asked.

In addition, give them a quick message saying hello, who you are and that you’re new to Bookstagram. If you’re feeling brave, ask them if they have any tips.

But by no means ask them to follow you back. It’s one of Bookstagrammer’s biggest pet peeves! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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4. Pick A Theme For Your Bookstagram Journey

Once you’ve met a few people and said ‘hello’, it’s time to start posting.

By now, you’ll have seen and stalked a few Bookstagram feeds. Noticeably, it’s very trendy to keep a consistent theme running. It creates a coherent and aesthetic grid to look at. If anything, a good theme captures people’s attention and they’ll need to click that follow button.

Certainly, if someone’s Instagram feed shows an assortment of colors and a different filter on every photo, their follower account will be considerably low. It’s important to take this Bookstagram tip into consideration and pick a theme before you commit to posting.

There are so many themes to choose from:

  1. Warm autumnal feeds. These are very popular, and perhaps a bit over saturated, but when done right, you’ll surely attract people to your feed.
  2. Clean minimal feeds. Try keeping things white and bright! Certainly, it will catch the wandering eye.
  3. Bright and colorful. If you’re going to go down this route, be consistent. When done right, it can be beautiful.
  4. Outdoors. Generally, outdoor Bookstagram accounts can get a little boring. When someone goes to the same park over and over again, it becomes predictable. However, if you’re someone that’s always on the go, this will be the perfect Bookstagram theme for you!

Of course, there are many more themes you can choose from. In fact, you could even create your own!

Examples Of Perfect Bookstagram Themes

Another Bookstagram tip is to spend time studying different accounts. Here are some favorites:

@black.tea.books Instagram feed

@black.tea.books leads the minimalistic march. Her photos are centered around plain white bedsheets which makes her theme clean and bright.

@therusticwindow Instagram feed

@therusticwindow is autumn feed goals! In addition to using an autumnal filter, she tends to use warm colored objects to make sure she doesn’t stray away from her brand.

@thebibliotheque Instagram feed

@thebibliotheque is a summer queen. Even in the depths of a cold winter, visiting this feed will cozy you up again. The natural light and wooden floors really constitute to the perfect theme.

@paperthieveInstagramam feed

Lastly, we have an excellent example of an outdoor feed. @paperthieves brings all her books into the wild. By putting herself in the photos and using different books in each picture, her feed never fails to look flawless!

Once you’ve decided what kind of theme you want, it’s time to choose a filter.

Tip: VSCO and Lightroom filters are the best choices. Although you need to pay for the best ones, it’s worth it. A Lightroom filter can be as little as a couple of dollars while a VSCO X membership is $19.99 a year. This includes all of their filters, updated monthly.

5. Plan Your Feed

It’s so important to plan your feed. Why? So you don’t end up with three similar photos in a row, or two portrait photos on top of one another.

This is what can make or break your feed. Before we look at how to plan your feed, you need to download an app called Preview. It’s free and easy to use.

Preview allows you to upload all your photos into an example feed. Then, you can move them around and put your photos in the order you want to post them. With a click and drag of a finger, you can move your photos around to create the best feed ever. This is perhaps one of the best Bookstagram tips out there!

Without it, it’s easy to forget when you last posted a darker photo in a bright feed. Even more so, you might upload a picture only to realize after a couple of hours and a hundred likes, that it doesn’t actually fit well where you placed it.

6. Planning To Post Your First Photo

For starters, create a business account on Instagram. This allows you to see when the best time to post is. It will make all the difference.

Once you’ve decided when you’re going to post, get ready. Get set.

But wait. There’s a few things you should know.

  1. Choose the best photo you can. It’s a great Bookstagram tip not to start out with a generic photo of a book lying open on an unmade bed. That might look good once your feed is more coherent and you’ve got a few more followers. But you want to make a good first impression. So, post your favourite photo. Start well.
  2. Your Instagram captions matter. We’ll talk a bit more about this next but for now, your first Bookstagram caption is so important. For instance, it tells people who you are what you’re about. Make sure you include your name, why you joined Bookstagram, who inspires you, what your favourite books are and what you’re currently reading.
  3. Now you can post it.

7. How To Use Hashtags On Bookstagram

We’re not done there. Once your photo has successfully been uploaded, there’s a bit more work to do.


Once your account grows, hashtags become of less importance. But for now, they matter. A lot.

Have a look at some of your favorite accounts and write a list of some of the hashtags they use. Every time you post, use between five and thirty hashtags to get your photo seen by more Instagrammers.

Bookstagram Tip: Put the hashtags in a comment, not the caption. It looks cluttered if you don’t.

Now, using hashtags on Instagram is really easy. When you type in #book, Instagram shows dozens of recommended hashtags, ranked by popularity. Another good idea is to hashtag things that are in the photo. If you’re reading Romeo and Juliet, hashtag it! If your duvet covers are from H&M, hashtag it.

Also, you can follow hashtags on Instagram now. If you really love stalking peoples #shelfies – pictures of their bookshelves – follow the hashtag and they will show up in your feed!

8. How To Caption Your Bookstagram Photos

If you don’t do this well, people will scroll past your photos.

Ultimately, you want to invite people to communicate with you. The more likes and comments a photo has, the more Instagram pushes it to be seen by new people.

If you don’t ask your audience a question, they are less likely to comment.

🥀 What’s your favourite childhood book? – I have over 40 books from Enid Blyton. This one actually isn’t one of hers but someone made a comedic series imitating the originals and I think they are bloody brilliant. I recommend both the original and these editions. – Today is pretty boring but doing my best to be productive. I’m finishing homework, revising, working out and watching Netflix (ok maybe the last part wasn’t that productive). I’m wondering if I should continue with Instagram as I think I’ll soon become too busy with school but we’ll see, I don’t want to finish here before even knowing what the workload will be. – Hope you’ve had a good day! ✨ . . . . . . . #imbibliophile #bookstagrammer #bookcommunity #bibliophile #igreaders #vscobooks #vscoedit #booknerd #bookworm #booklover #bookstafeatures #bookstagramfeatures #mybookfeatures #bookstagram #bibliophile #booklife #bookflatlay #bookandbeverage #looseleaftea #coverlove #enidblyton #thefamousfive #hardback

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Remember when I introduced the abbreviation QOTD? That’s going to be your new best friend.

Every day, ask your audience a question. The great thing about being a Bookstagrammer is there is so much to talk about. Books, TV shows, movies, comics – these are all the things Bookstagrammers geek out about.

Of course, keep your captions relevant. Ask a question but answer it, too. For instance, if you ask your followers what Hogwarts house they’re in, tell them yours as well. Not only that, discuss your favorite parts about it.

If you’ve just finished a book and are going to review it in a caption, make sure you ask your followers if they’ve read it. It’s a great Bookstagram tip to keep an open dialogue with your audience.

Bookstagram Is The Best Platform For Bookworms

Having been a Bookstagrammer for over 2 years, I can honestly say it was a fantastic decision!

Everyone is friendly and passionate. I have been recommended some of my favorite books. It’s one of the only places in my life that I can talk about the reality of being a bookworm.

If you start a Bookstagram now, you will be warmly welcomed into the community.

Make sure to follow these tips to start off on the right foot and give yourself the best chance of creating the perfect Bookstagram account.

By Beth McCallum

I'm Beth, a Scottish writer and bookworm. I'm currently agent hunting for my debut novel while running a candle business from my home. I obsess over dogs, Hamilton, chai lattes and recently, Harry Potter. I know, I'm decades late.

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