7 Fun Ways To Use Instagram Messenger

Instagram messenger is an exciting way to communicate with your friends online! Say goodbye to boring old texting and say hello to colorful interactive communication.

What Is Instagram Messenger?

With more and more people making friends online and meeting people worldwide, it’s important to have a free fun messenger. Instagram messenger is exactly that! You can do much more than send simple text messages. For sure, you can combine drawings, face filters, quick reactions and more all in one place.

Instagram messenger is accessible straight from the Instagram app. On your main feed, swipe right and you will see a list of all your messages and requested messages. Also, you can also search for specific contacts from this page.

Plus, in the blue bubble in the top right, you can see how many messages you have in your inbox at one time.

Instagram Home Page

Now, we’ll discuss everything you can do on Instagram messenger. Certainly, the possibilities are endless!

1. Video Call In Instagram Messenger

Video calling friends is a great way to keep in touch. In fact, it feels like they’re right there in the room with you! Especially, it’s good if you aren’t iPhone users and you aren’t blessed with free FaceTime calls. Instagram messenger has a great built-in video call system which you can use any time for free.

Video Calling On Instagram Messenger

Simply click the video button in the top right and you will be connected to the contact you wish to call. You can even put them in the corner of the screen while you continue to browse Instagram.

Also, you’ll notice the flag icon next to the video button. Click that to mark a conversation as important. It’ll always appear first in your list of messages. For sure, it’s perfect if you have a few favorite contacts!

2. Share Photos On Instagram Messenger

A great thing about Instagram messenger is that there are lots of options! In fact, you can interact with your contacts on Instagram messenger in the exact same way you use your Instagram stories.

Click the blue camera button on the bottom left and the same layout as Instagram stories will appear in your chat!

Instagram Message Chat

From there, you can do everything you could in your stories.

For example, you can type funky looking messages to your friends. You can change the text font and color!

Hey On Instagram Messenger Type

You can even send your friends music straight from the Instagram messenger. If you need to send your friend a song recommendation, it’s never been easier!

As well as these, you can send them boomerangs, hyper zoom, 15-second videos, photos with face filters and more.

Koala Instagram Face Filter

Certainly, adding all this color and fun makes for unique conversations with your friend. Also, it means you can personalize your messages for each individual friend. Additionally, it gives you something to laugh about with all of those silly face filters.

3. Send Quick Replies On Instagram Messenger

There is a new addition to Instagram messenger which is definitely useful. Particularly, for businesses but for people who use the app a lot, too.

Now, you can send quick replies through the messaging screen.

For example, you can create a quick reply yourself. It’s fully customizable to suit your language and shortcuts. First, click on the speech bubble with three dots in the ‘Message…’ bar.

Quick Replies On Instagram

Next, it will open a page called Quick replies where you can add your shortcut and your message.

Instagram Messenger Quick Replies

If you want to use the quick reply, simply type your shortcut into a message and a blue bubble will appear. Click it and your pre-set reply will appear.

TY shortcut on Instagram messenger

This is definitely a great update. If there are words or phrases you say a lot, then try creating a quick reply to save time when messaging with friends! ‘Thank you!’ is a great start. If you like to use a lot of emojis but can’t always find them quickly, then set up a quick reply that incorporates all of your favorite emojis.

Emoji Quick Reply

However, if you are a business on Instagram, then this is perfect for you! You’ll probably get a lot of messages that you can’t always respond to straight away. You can set up a quick reply that assures your customer that you have received their message and you will reply in due time.

Quick Replies Instagram Messenger

Tip: Also, if you are a business, you might get a lot of similar messages. Perhaps you get a lot of people asking to collaborate. You could set up a quick reply that responds to these people politely and timely instead of scrolling through all of your requests and typing out the same message.

For sure, quick replies on Instagram messenger are useful and easy!

4. Send Gifs On Instagram Messenger

Gifs are insanely popular these days! With thousands of choices, people use these to react quickly and humorously to messages.

For example, maybe you and your friend are talking about a movie over Instagram messenger. It’s entertaining and more emotive to react with gifs!

Instagram Messenger Chat

To use a gif, click the Gif button in the ‘Message…’ bar and recommended gifs will appear. You can also search for a specific gif or one portraying a specific feeling or reaction.


Owl Gif Happy

If you can’t decide, you can click ‘Random’ and Instagram messenger will automatically pick a gif based on the word you searched.

Gifs On Instagram Messenger

Gifs are always a more exciting way to message someone. You can make it even more personal by searching for celebrities, films or TV shows. If you and a friend bond over something like Harry Potter, there are lots of Harry Potter gifs you can use to react to things together!

5. Instagram Messenger And Your Camera Roll

We’ve already talked about sending photos using the Instagram camera that is similar to your Instagram stories.

But, you can also send photos straight from your camera roll! Maybe you have an old photo to share or you are sending them photos from your day out together.

Click on the photo icon on the ‘Message…’ bar and your camera roll will appear.

All Photos On Instagram Messenger

Tip:  If you click ‘All Photos’, you can search your photos by album. So, if you have favorited the photo you want to send them, you can jump straight to your Favorites album and select the photo from there. Certainly, it saves you scrolling and scrolling for your desired image.

Chai Latte And Laptop

From there, they can like the photo by clicking on the love heart. They can even reply specifically to that by clicking ‘Reply’. This will open up their own camera so they can send a personalized response to your photo! Instagram messenger is always keeping things exciting.

So does Upleap! If you are looking for tips and tricks on how to use Instagram’s functions to grow your audience, click here to start your free trial with Upleap.

6. Share The Love On Instagram Messenger

Lastly, you can send them love hearts on Instagram messenger. Just click the love heart icon on the ‘Message…’ bar and a red love heart will appear in your chat.

Instagram Messenger Love Heart

Sharing love never hurts! It’s a noticeable and quick way to show a friend or contact some kindness. Perhaps you’ll send it at the end of a message or in response to a kind compliment.

Also, keeping in Instagram’s double tapping spirit, you can double-tap their message to show you ‘love’ it.

7. Share Instagram Posts With Friends

Another useful thing is sharing posts from Instagram directly with your friends through Instagram messenger.

First, visit a user’s profile and select the photo you want to share with your friend.

Click the paper airplane looking icon and select the contact you want to send that photo to. Also, you can add a message so they know why you’ve sent it.

Book With Bottle Flowers And Wood On Instagram

Instagram Share Posts

Then, they can click the picture in their messaging screen and be brought directly to that post.

None of that copy-pasting link nonsense. Instagram messenger makes everything simple and easy!

That wraps it up for all the fun you can have on Instagram messenger! We love how exciting and emotive it is. Plus, it’s very interactive. You’ll never run out of funny things to do or share with your friends online. If you haven’t thought of using it with friends, we’re sure you’ll consider it now! Plus, you can even make group chats!

By Beth McCallum

I'm Beth, a Scottish writer and bookworm. I'm currently agent hunting for my debut novel while running a candle business from my home. I obsess over dogs, Hamilton, chai lattes and recently, Harry Potter. I know, I'm decades late.

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