5 Facts From The Instagram Wiki That Will Blow Your Mind

In 2010, Instagram came on the scene and changed social media forever. Think you’re an expert on the photo-sharing app? We’re diving into the company’s history via the Instagram Wiki.

It’s no secret we’re obsessed with Instagram. We might even go as far as to call ourselves superfans. But, when we took a look at the Instagram Wiki, we discovered some interesting facts about the company we weren’t even aware of.

Because we know you’re just as passionate about the ‘Gram as we are (hi there, fellow superfan), we’re sharing all the fun tidbits we learned from the Instagram Wiki.

Everything We Learned Scouring The Instagram Wiki

Get ready to take your Instagram knowledge to the next level.

Check out these awesome facts from the Instagram Wiki!
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Instagram Wiki Fact #1: Square content used to be Instagram’s thing.

With all the options we have on Instagram today, it’s hard to imagine a time when the app only allowed content framed in a square (1:1) aspect ratio.

Instagram eased up on these particular restrictions in 2015, according to the Instagram Wiki.

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Instagram Wiki Fact #2: Just two months after it launched, Instagram already had one million users.

To say Instagram took off like a shot would be an understatement. People downloaded the new app faster than Instagram takes down a photo of an errant nipple.

At the one-year mark, Instagram reported 10 million registered users. The Instagram Wiki has the registered user count at 800 million as of 2017.

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Instagram Wiki Fact #3: The all-time most liked Instagram photo is of an egg.

Oh yes, you read that right.

In Jan. 2019, the account @world_record_egg dethroned Kylie Jenner to become the most liked Instagram post of all time. As of right now, the egg has more than 50 million likes, according to the Instagram Wiki.

Instagram Wiki Fact#4: The word ‘Instagram’ is a portmanteau.

Yep, we’re taking you back to grammar school. A portmanteau is a blended word that both sounds like and combines the definitions of two words.

In this case, the Instagram Wiki informed us, the word “Instagram” is a combination of “instant camera” and “telegram.”

Instagram Wiki Fact#5: Instagram owes a lot to Foursquare.

Do you remember the app Foursquare? We’d almost forgotten about it until we saw it show up on the Instagram Wiki.

Foursquare was (is??) an app that let your friends know where you are and helped you to find them. Instagram developers Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger first worked on a mobile photography app called Burbn but dropped the project when it became too similar to Foursquare.

Later, Instagram relied on the Foursquare API technology for named location tagging. But, according to the Instagram Wiki, the company made moves toward switching its technology to Facebook Places in March 2014.

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