5 Celebrity Inspired Instagram Themes You Need to Use Next

There are so many Instagram themes to take inspiration from right off the Instagram app. If you want to step up your Instagram game, consider implementing a theme into your feed. Your viewers are likely to find a nicely-curated theme more visually pleasing, which in turn can increase followers.

Some of the most followed accounts on Instagram have Instagram themes. Instagram themes are when all the posts in a feed have matching colors.

Th first step in building an Instagram theme is to first figure out what you want your feed to look like. Keep reading to see what themes some of Instagram’s biggest celebrities are using right now!

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1. Monotone theme

Kim Kardashian Instagram
Kim Kardashian Instagram

Inspired by: Kim Kardashian @kimkardashian

The monotone theme is one of the most popular Instagram themes right now. It’s not surprising that it’s also the theme currently used by the Instagram queen herself, Kim Kardashian.

The monotone theme is one of many Instagram themes where the main focus is on three or four colors. In this case, Kim’s Instagram is filled with black, white, tan and blush tones.

Kim has been using a monotone theme for a long time now. It may have to do with the fact that her wardrobe is loaded with neutral tones.

Kim’s makeup brand, KKW Beauty, is also known for its monotone style. Kim has always limited her eyeshadow colors to browns and gold tones as well. She’s rarely seen wearing bright colors when it comes to makeup, unless she goes for a red lip.

Because it matches her style of fashion and makeup, a monotone themed Instagram is perfect for Kim.

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Want to achieve this look? This theme is fairly easy to recreate for your own Instagram.  Consider editing out any bright colors from your photos and opt for neutral toned clothing. However, don’t go too crazy with the editing. The beauty of this theme is that it’s rather natural.

2. Negative Space

Cole Sprouse Instagram
Cole Sprouse Instagram

Inspired by: Cole Sprouse @colesprouse

Some may believe that the ship for this trend has sailed a few years ago. It’s been done many times and may not seem new to anyone. However, Cole Sprouse has breathed new air into this almost forgotten Instagram trend. This is one of those Instagram themes that go in and out of popularity.

Remember when almost everyone had a border around their photos on Instagram? Cole has brought back that trend, but with a twist.

Cole started putting borders around his Instagram photos in January 2019. But not only does Cole have borders around his photos, each border size is different. This creates a nice negative space look to the entire feed.

Some of Cole’s pictures have lots of white space, while others almost take up the whole square. Some photos are positioned vertically, some horizontally.

This layout can have viewers forget that the square boxes even exist. Using this theme creates the effect of a free-flowing feed.

Want to achieve this look? There are so many apps that can help you place a white border around your photos. To get your feed looking like Cole’s, remember to post your photos in all different positions. Vertical, horizontal, zoomed in, zoomed out.

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3. Subtle Pops of Color

Khloe Kardashian Instagram
Khloe Kardashian Instagram

Inspired by: Khloe Kardashian @khloekardashian 

Khloe Kardashian seems to have effortlessly created a stunning Instagram theme while sharing her lifestyle to the world. Here’s her secret:

Khloe has been recently incorporating red tones into her Instagram theme. Though not every post has red, there are pops of red here and there. Now, when you look at her feed, you’ll notice the subtle pops of color.

Khloe incorporated pops of red by posting red nails, multiple pictures of roses, a red lip selfie, and herself wearing red clothing. Among these pictures are more calm and neutral tones such as black, white and grey.

Want to achieve this look? This is one of those Instagram themes that are super easy to recreate because they don’t take much effort at all. In fact, there are two ways to achieve this look!

First, when taking pictures for your Instagram, keep in mind what colors you want to incorporate into your feed. Take inspiration from Khloe by adding colorful bouquets of flowers, a nail pic, and more.

Pictures don’t match the theme? The other method is to try editing your photos to add certain color shadows or highlights. By using this method, you can easily transform any ordinary pic to take on the colors you want it to have.

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4. Dark & Vintage Effect

Ariana Grande Instagram
Ariana Grande Instagram

Inspired by: Ariana Grande @arianagrande

Ariana Grande has been frequently using her Instagram feed as a way to show behind the scenes pictures and videos of her concerts and lifestyle. No wonder she has over 146 million followers and is the third most followed user on Instagram!

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When you look at her feed, Ariana incorporates lots of dark tones like black and grey, but also adds in light tones of blush and periwinkle here and there. She also edits her posts to make them look like polaroid photos, creating a vintage effect.

The combination of dark colors and polaroid style photos makes for a beautiful ethereal look. Definitely take a look at Ariana’s Instagram for some inspiration. Why? Because she’s been using this theme for quite a long time now, and her followers seem to love it!

Want to achieve this look? When editing your photos, use darker filters and play up the shadows. Lower the brightness. Do some experimenting and see what looks best. While doing so, don’t forget to add light or neon colors in.

Tip: To get achieve that vintage effect, take some pictures of your own polaroid photos and post them!  Not to mention, using black and white photos are a sure way to capture this effect. 

5. Pastel Wonderland

Taylor Swift Instagram
Taylor Swift Instagram

Inspired by: Taylor Swift @taylorswift

It looks like Taylor Swift is currently in the midst of changing her Instagram theme. Taylor has been through just about as many Instagram themes as as she has music phases in her career. To promote her Reputation album, her theme was quite darker than usual. During her 1989 album tour, she posted many vintage looking photos and polaroid pics.

Take a look at her Instagram now, and it seems like she’s heading in a brand new direction. Her Instagram theme is filled with many bright pastel colors. Her feed incorporates shades of pink, red, green, and turquoise. It definitely looks like she’s been doing some color editing to achieve this look.

Want to achieve this look? Going this route is super fun because you can use so many colors and be creative with editing. Similar to the method used for the subtle pops of color theme, the editing can be mainly done through the Instagram app.

In the Instagram app, play around with the highlights and shadows under the color editing option. Also use the brightness slider to create a brighter look. As far as colors go, use as many as you want!

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Which celebrity Instagram feed is your favorite? We hope these celebrity inspired Instagram themes gave you some inspiration for your own account! For more tips and tricks on all things Instagram related, always go to Upleap.com!


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