There’s a ton of websites that get shut down monthly or even weekly. But, some of these shutdowns can be justified, and some others can’t.

We have taken it upon ourselves to investigate and see if 4gram got shut down for something they’ve done, or was the 4gram shut down justified.

The amount of information we were able to get our hands on wasn’t something that gave us much, so we had to go dig a bit deeper than we usually need to in order to see if a service is valid or not.

Here at Upleap, we offer only valid services that don’t even come close to something that’s worthy of banning. Real and authentic followers are something we pride ourselves on, so we give it our all to deliver exactly that to our users. Besides that, safety is our number one concern!

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Now let’s get back to the main topic.

We firmly believe that it’s important for you to learn what are the red flags and negative markers of a website that you should avoid.

These red flags can be found in the 4gram’s way of doing things, and that’s why we think this 4gram Instagram review will serve you as a point of perspective in a sense of what you need to avoid.

Now, without any further ado, let’s jump straight in and see what 4gram did wrong and the things you should pay closer attention to.

How Does 4gram Work? – The Basics

Since this website, along with its services, doesn’t exist, a better question would be “how did it work?”, and that’s what we’re going to take a look at right now.

A majority of the websites that get shut down didn’t work properly in the first place, so it’s not the worst possible outcome.

It’s a real problem since there are not many ways to get a hold of the way that particular website looked while it was online.

We were able to find some photos from the old days of 4gram and the time they spent as active service.

A screenshot showing the login screen for 4gram on android.

It’s evident from this screenshot that the service is old, and that this photo was taken a long time ago.

The only thing we can clearly see from this login screen is the fact that you had to give them your Instagram login details in order to use their services.

This is probably one of the reasons why 4gram shut down happened since this is one of the most unsafe things you can do with your private information – give it to a company (or anyone else for that matter).

One of the red flags we’ve talked about in the beginning is exactly this. You should never give your private information to anyone.

When it comes to the rest of the way this service used to work, it doesn’t really matter anymore since it all required your login info.

It was probably based on 4gram using your account to like other people’s posts in order to get your likes in return.

This was a common method used in the early days of Instagram and boosting Instagram profiles, but it’s not used anymore even remotely often.

Accounts that used this service even got banned because of the way 4gram’s services worked. Spamming likes, or even comments, could lead you to your account getting banned even now.

That’s why the way 4gram worked to the day it got banned was extremely unsafe and we would never recommend using it, even if it was up to this day.

Genuine and organic followers are always a better way out, and if you want to boost your Instagram profile or any profile on any social media platform for that matter, it’s always safe to buy those services from companies that are safe and don’t require your login information.

What Happened To 4gram?

What actually happened to 4gram is not an easy question to answer since nobody has a definitive answer.

They never talked about what happened, they never even addressed the situation in any way, shape, or form.

Speculations are the only thing that remains in order to even consider what could have happened to 4gram, their services, and their website.

Since the last snap on the Wayback Machine website that archives websites was in 2020. we can safely say that that’s when the website got shut down.

That’s long after Facebook bought Instagram and implemented new rules and mechanisms to battle non-organic growth and spamming on their platforms.

Instagram then got much more strict rules in place and many companies that worked fine to that day got shut down.

4gram managed to squeeze a few extra years, but their turn came, and they got shut down.

There are a few ways that this could have happened, and we’re going to tell you about the most probable ones.

The first thing that could have happened is that Instagram mailed them a lawsuit since boosting Instagram profiles is against their policies.

This could have resulted in 4gram shutting down voluntarily to avoid the lawsuit from such a big company.

A screenshot showing a text in Instagram’s help center about boosting your profile and buying followers.

As you can see, Instagram insists on you not doing these things even now when you can buy boosts for your story or posts FROM Instagram.

So, one of the most probable things that might have happened is that Instagram actually took legal steps towards removing 4gram, so they either shut down themselves or got taken down by Instagram as a result of a court order.

The second probable scenario is that they just started losing users, the traffic started decreasing on their website, and they decided to shut down voluntarily in order to cut down the losses.

Doing something like this wouldn’t be uncommon since many companies decided to do this when their competition takes over the majority of their customers.

It’s not like they would lose all of their users, but in order to maintain a website and a functioning service, they need a steady flow of regular users that interact with what they offer.

The third and the last possible scenario is that they rebranded and became some other service under a different name.

A scenario like this also isn’t too rare in the Instagram-boosting industry. Countless companies have shut down their primary websites, made another company that does the same thing as the old one, got another name and continued working.

This could happen for a few reasons. The first one is that they made some sort of a big mistake and couldn’t correct it, so they decided to continue working under a different name.

It wouldn’t be too uncommon to see this since many companies make mistakes, some intentionally and some accidentally, but mistakes nonetheless.

Rebranding can also be a result of wanting to make a new image for an old company that stagnated.

Regardless of the reason why they potentially rebranded, this is never a good sign.

If a company rebrands it’s never for a good reason, so it’s a red flag alone. If you know a company is rebranded you should keep an eye on it because there is probably a good reason for rebranding.

4gram made a few comebacks in their day, so they got shut down a couple of times in the past, which is an alarming occurrence.

Deciding to go with a company that was shut down in the past or got rebranded is like opening a mystery box. You never know what’s about to pop out, but you sure hope it’s good despite all odds.

This feeling is never good, so instead of going for a mystery, you should go for a safe option that’s verified and has good reviews.

4gram Review – Our Final Thoughts

We’ve said a lot about 4gram and companies alike. It’s not always easy to keep track of all the information that’s presented to you regarding a particular subject.
That’s why we made a list of all the pros and cons of 4gram (while it existed) and we’re about to show it to you in order to help you get a better overview.

Got shut down multiple times
Wasn’t safe
Went against Instagram rules
Required your Instagram login information

Considering all that’s listed in the table above, we think that the overall conclusion regarding 4gram is simple – it’s a good thing they’re gone.

There are a ton of companies that have met the same faith as 4gram, and for a good reason.

Companies that require your login info, that have been banned in the past, and that blatantly went against Instagram’s rules related to their platform really deserve to be shut down and forgotten.

We highly recommend you avoid companies that have the same red flags as 4gram, have the same modus operandi, or do things similar to how 4gram went about their business.

The safe option is the best option even if it requires a bit more money since safety and security are priceless, and always will be.

By Dejan

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